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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rezarta Shkurta and her dilemma!

Rezarta Shkurta, ditet e fundit te shtatzenise
Rezi is countin last days of her pregnancy and encountered a last dilemma. Of course, not to worry, there is nothing to do with her ​​health or the baby, but has to do with the name. "After many, many names and ideas from many friends and family, we are stuck with two names. Aria and Ajna. For which name would you vote!" Rezarta asked facebook fans. Personally, we like Aria but the ultimate choice will naturally belong to the parents. 
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Rezarta Shkurta, ne dileme!
Rezi po numeron ditet e fundit te shtatzenise dhe ka hasur ne nje dileme te fundit. Natyrisht, mos u brengosni, nuk ka te bej asgje me shendetin e saj apo te bebit, por ka te bej me emrin. "Pas shume e shume emrash dhe idesh te shumta nga miq e familjare, ne kemi ngecur tek dy emra. Aria dhe Ajna. Ju per ke emer do te votonit!", ka pyetur Rezarta fansat ne facebook. Personalisht, ne e pelqejme Aria por natyrisht zgjedhja e fundit do i takonte vet prinderve.
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