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Monday, 16 September 2013

Elvana surprises fans with a new look but gets surprised too...

Elvana Gjata me foto te reja "hot"
New photos of Elvana Gjata have surprised fans, how "hot" she looks, this girl that makes you for herself whenever presented with something new. A new hair arrangement by Lily Ismaili and a completely different style shows Elvana is willing to experiment with her ​​look. However, not only were the fans who were surprised by this change, but she herself was surprised for good when she received her new image back from fans turned out in acrylic painting.

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Elvana befason fansat me look-un e ri, por dhe befasohet...
Fotot me te reja te Elvana Gjates kane befasuar fansat, sa "hot" qe duket kjo vajze qe te ben per vete sa here qe paraqitet me dicka te re. Nje rregullim i ri i flokeve nga Lili Ismaili dhe nje stil krejt ndryshe tregon se Elvana ka deshire te eksperimentoj me look-un e saj. Megjithate, nuk ishin vetem fansat qe u befasuan me kete ndryshim, por dhe ajo vete u befasua per te mire kur mori mbrapa imazhin e saj te ri te shnderruar nga fansat ne pikture akriliku.

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