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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Elvana, "turning into" a Jennifer Lopez

Reading the comments of foreigners on Elvana's Youtube videos, yes she is being listened by foreigners too, comes to focus their common comment that she looks like the world famous singer Jennifer Lopez. And certainly they're not that wrong as in the past years, Elvana Gjata being more mature in age, has undergone changes in her physique, approaching the very image of Jennifer Lopez, as you can see in the photo. In recent news, she has managed to be on the cover of a known international magazine and we wish that, this talented albanian singer, apart from looks, achieves the success similar to that of Latin American singer.
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PALOMA Magazine - 7th June 2014

Revista PALOMA - 7 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of this week by magazine "Paloma" (7 June 2014)

Miriam Cani publishes new video "My Rain": There will be wedding this end of year!
Valeri of Big Brother: Before, the highlanders fancied me, now I'm their eye light
Julie and Arditi: Our plans for the holidays and wedding ... Money we would taste together, but would not share with each other
Big Mama's scandal: "My ovaries are out of tune, help me?"
Ervin Sinjari of BB associated with the former girlfriend of Britain's Prince Harry
Jonida Vokshi presents Digitalb's 10th anniversary with a hand in plaster
"Netet e Klipit Shqiptar" Leonora triumphs
Dafina Zeqiri provokes with her bottom and topless photos
Enemy inside "Big Brother", friends outdoors, Jona ends "war" with Viola and Katherina
Ulpiana Lama brings for public a journalistic book "We did it". During promotion, "quipped" her journalist colleagues: "Do not panic, this is not a book about my afternoon programme"
"Music Videofest 2014", revealed nominations
IN & OUT, by Fatma Haxhialiu: Besa Kokedhima, Elvana Gjata, Ledina Celo (IN); Silvi Dollapi, Heidi Lushtaku, Bleona Qereti (OUT)
On Scanner: Big Brother
"June 1" for public personalities: Elvana Gjata, Orgesa Zaimi, Flori Mumajesi, Ilda Bejleri, Fatma Haxhialiu, Ermal Fejzullahu, Enxhi Nasufi, Aurela Gace, Marina and Luana Vjollca, Armina Mevlani
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PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 7th June 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 7 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week by Magazine "Panorama Plus" (7 June 2014)

Elvana: Flori, dear man even outside music
Nevila Omeri: I save virginity as sacred, its worth more than 100 million
Julie and Arditi: cohabitation, the next plan, but marriage too
Dr.Flori changes his mind after disappointment for the Left, song for Tahiri's cops
Jona: Nevila won the prize very easy, she did nothing to deserve it
Meridian touches Valeri provocatively
Ledri & Dafina back in the arms of one another
Vangjush Dako and Rama? Better to sit in a cafe
Resurfaced Ina Rama
Rama something is "hatching" behind Meta's back
Prime Minister as kidney amidst fat
And Dash Shehi what's about with Rama?
Ciljeta replies to Rama: Proud that I sang for NATO
LGBT's Karaj Jenny shows her sensual side
Ledion Lico: I prefer strange songs in "Top Fest"
Nora Istrefi: A part of our intimate relationship shared with fans
"Netet e Klipit Shqiptar" Leonora triumphs with "Cika e kojshise"
Ervin BB4's girlfriend, in a sexual scandal with Prince Harry
Sting comes out with girlfriend
Enca Haxhia shows off her graces
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BLUETOOTH Magazine - 7th June 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 7 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week by Magazine "Bluetooth" (7 June 2014) 

Nevila of BB7: Calls to Samir Tahiri, soon in the police. The winner of the reality show: I'll buy a house in Laprake, I dream for a family 
"Netet e Klipit Shqiptar" triumphs Leonora Jakupi
A girl has an accident for Flori
Gent Strazimiri relieves stress by diving in the sea 
Viola & Esterina, future velina of "Fiks Fare"? 
"Instead of farewell" by Eraldo Rexho 
Gala reception of "Digitalb" Palace of Brigades transformed, VIPs shine 
Lorik Cana, wedding this weekend 
On the eve of the final, Soni Malaj covered with scarf 
Gjebrea a weekend with Meta and Arvizu 
"Music Videofest", revealed the nominations. Important gala in Kosovo, this year as capital picked city of Gjakova
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Elvana Gjata for Velvet Magazine June 2014, behind the scenes...

Velvet Magazine June 2014 / Behind the Scenes
Starring Elvana Gjata
Photographed by Eugenio Qose
Art Director & Stylist: Ameni Shafik
Location Scouting: Alessandro Cataldo
Assistant: Mohamed Shafik
Elvana Gjata for Elvana Gjata for Elvana Gjata for Elvana Gjata for