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Monday, 2 June 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 31st May 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 31 Maj 2014
VIP headlines of the week in magazine " Panorama Plus " ( 31 May 2014 )

Franceska : I found the ideal man ! New super sexy photos
Nevila of SOS village wins 100 million in "Big Brother 7 "
Armina Mevlani : How I managed to regain my ideal form
"Top Fest 11" , victory between Soni and Xhensila, here are the songs that are most clicked so far
Nora Istrefi criticized, Serbian media : "Albanian that removes it all "
Elvana Gjata this time appear as sexy african
Summer strips women of the screen, they compete with sensuality
Salsano Rapi: Life begins at age 40, but in between , then 20 years old then
After separation, Zanfina Ismajli prepares the next surprise
SP's MP congratulates Noizy's daughter
Weekends as a family of Ridvan Bode
" Miss Albania " , for the first time outside the borders , in the Castle of Ulcinj
Kastriot Caushi distracted by the girl uniforms
Arjon Muca : I am not separated from Viola , I removed the photos that were published because we had a brawl
Rita Ora speaks albanian in Switzerland
Sheila Haxhiraj provoking in bikini in the pool
Lori of " BB7 " turns passion to undressing , this time on the beach
Arbana Osmani close to the sexiest woman in the world , Irina Shayk
Blerim Destani: I tasted drama and action in the movie " Harms "
In the match Kosovo - Senegal , appears Adelina Ismajli
Finalist of " Miss Switzerland " , Heidi Lushtaku , goes into music , makes a song with Genc Prelvukaj
Bujar Qamili: I withdraw from the race in "Kenga Ime"
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BLUETOOTH Magazine - 31st May 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 31 Maj 2014

Headlines of the week VIP Magazine "Bluetooth" (31 May 2014)

Bleona: I am separated from Gani, he will always be my family
Fate Velaj, "rescue operation" in Karaburn
Big Brother 7: Wins Nevila!
Visar: I am the winner of "BB7"! Competitor from Kosovo: I have no interest at all in Lori!
Inva Mula, lady with class
Fatmir Mejdiu asking for help before speech
Group NA: We want a prize in "Top Fest"
VIPs on the beach: Eranda Libohova, Besi & Xhensila, Viola Spiro, Adrola Dushi, Armina Mevlani, Nora Istrefi, Aurela Hoxha, Elina Duni
"Miss Albania", here are the 31 girls who were selected for the grand finale
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Elvana Gjata, shining in "Velvet" magazine

Elvana Gjata, ne kopertine e revistes "Velvet" Qershor 2014

In the style of a sexy Afro-American of 90s dressed in sweamwear, Albanian singer Elvana Gjata shines and comes very "hot" inside and on the cover of the italian magazine "Velvet" in the June issue (international english edition). A good opportunity to promote herself in the international market and for this, the singer has thanked the magazine on Twitter. Photos are shot by renowned fashion photographer Eugenio Qose, who was born in Albania but lives in Italy.
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photo: eugenio qose