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Friday, 20 September 2013

Gresa Behluli, returns to stage after a year

Gresa Behluli se shpejti me kenge dhe klip
Probably has been overworked as legal adviser in the office of the Prime Ministry, or perhaps because of engagement with a boy, whose identity remains unknown, the singer Gresa Behluli, for more than a year was not present on stage with any concrete project. However, this will not delay any longer, as she has announced to the media, that will return with a new project with a song clip, she hopes to be favored by fans.
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Gresa Behluli, rikthehet ne skene pas nje viti
Ndoshta ka qene e sterngarkuar me pune si keshilltare ne zyren ligjore te Kryeministrise, apo ndoshta fejesa me nje djal, identiteti i te cilit mbetet ende i panjohur, ka bere qe kengetarja Gresa Behluli, per me shume se nje vit te mos jete e pranishme ne skene me ndonje projekt konkret. Por, nuk do kete vonese me shume, pasi ajo ka bere te ditur per media, se do rikthehet me nje projekt te ri, nje kenge me klip, qe ajo shpreson te pelqehet nga fansat. 

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