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Friday, 20 September 2013

Alberia, experimenting with hair

Alberia kthehet ne brune
Sometime blonde, and sometime brunette! So singer experiments with hair that comes as the years pass becomes more beautiful. Its about Alberie Hadërgjonaj, who has changed the look. Apparently, fans think that her natural color is brunette, over and these days she is back and has become such, as shown in the left picture, that she just posted in her social network.
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Alberia, eksperimenton me floket
Her bjonde, e her brune! Keshtu eksperimenton me floket kengetarja qe sa shkojne vitet vjen e behet me e bukur. Fjala eshte per Alberie Hadergjonaj, e cila ka ndryshuar serish look. Nga sa duket, fansat mendojne se ngjyra natyrale e saj eshte brune, ndaj dhe keto dite ajo eshte kthyer e eshte bere nje e tille, sic shihet ne foton e majte, qe ajo sapo ka postuar ne rrjetin e saj social. 

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