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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nora and Robert, no comment!

Nora dhe Roberti ne plazh
Nora and Robert, strong visiable "rebuttal"
These photos is circulating through online portals, should have been there rebuttal to the recent gossip about the couple's separation. We don't know how the pictures came, since in social networks still do not appear together, but this particular picture left us impressed and almost convinced us that not only that their relationship is not corrupt but in fact is in its climax. But we need to "see" a little bit more and a bit deeper to completely believe it! 
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Nora dhe Roberti, Pa Koment...!
Keto foto qe po qarkullojne neper portalet online, duhej te ishin ato demantuese te lajmit te fundit per ndarjen e ciftit Nora - Robert. Nuk dime nga erdhen fotot, pasi ne rrjetet e tyre sociale ende nuk figurojne keshtu se bashku, por kjo foto sidomos na la pershtypje dhe pothuase na bindi se lidhja e tyre jo se vetem nuk eshte prishur por gjendet ne klimaks. Por, na duhet te "shohim" pak me shume dhe pak me thellesisht te bindemi krejtesisht!
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