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Friday, 20 September 2013

iPhone 5s sold for 2400 Euros in England

iPhone 5s sold for £2000 on ebay
Immediately after its launch in the market, the iPhone 5S and 5c, the demands are as big as many enthusiasts who can not wait that long and they have deep pockets, pay big sums for them to have such in hand. Here this picture shows a real sale that is made in Ebay where mobile iPhone 5s is sold for no less than 2,000 English pounds, around 2400 euros. One lucky seller, has enjoyed a hefty profit in this case.
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iPhone 5s shitet per 2400 euro ne Angli
Menjehere pasi daljes ne treg te iPhone 5s dhe 5c, kerkesat jane aq te medha sa shume entuziaste te cilet nuk mund te presin gjate dhe ata qe kane xhepat e thelle, paguajne suma te medha per ta futur nje te tille ne dore. Ja kjo foto tregon nje shitje reale qe eshte kryer ne Ebay ku celulari iPhone 5s eshte shitur per hiq me pak se 2000 funta angleze, diku rreth 2400 euro. Dikush fatlum, ka gezuar nje profit te majm ne kete rast.

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