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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Enca turns 18, reveals her secrets ...

Enca behet 18 vjece
She is not a minor anymore and she is happy for her new status. It's about the young and charming singer, Enca Haxhia, who turned 18 years old today. This age now, as an adult, allows her to do things that she was unable to do before. But the singer has revealed a secret of hers about this: "Now I can legally do what I've practically been doing since when I was 14", wrote Enca on her Instagram. Therefore, do not be "deceived" by her pure appearance, she is more of a "bitch" than she really looks. Of course, we did a little joke here and in fact we wish her to enjoy to the maximum her new status. Meanwhile, we look forward to her bringing the next music project that is being prepared.
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BLUETOOTH Magazine - 19 October 2013

Revista "Bluetooth" - 19 Tetor 2013
Headlines this week by magazine "Bluetooth" ( 19 October 2013 ):

Vildane Zeneli strikes again! Discovered new "hot" images of the model
Floriana Garo: In " Miss Globe " I realize my dream. Marriage to Ted, when we decide to start a family
"Dancing With The Stars": Lori Hoxha and Blendi Nallbani, surprises of this year. Jonida Maliqi gives up...
Xherdan Shaqiri 's secret birthday celebrations after winning of the Swiss
Ermal Fejzullahu returns, ready with five new songs
Genta Ismajli, break from music, writes book about her life
Alberie Hadergjonaj, "trendy" with the colors of autumn
Zanfina Ismajli: I refused to sing for the campaigns, I have my own work
Dafina Zeqiri, craving for long hair
Elvana and Nora, singers change their "look". New photos of Elvana, Nora and Rita Ora
Revealed surprises on the verge of "Miss Globe"
Kleoniki Delijorgji: I would like to be " Miss Globe " forever
Monika Kryemadhi cares for her heritage
Armina Mevlani, water and soap
Fjolla continues to provoke
Erjona Sulejmani, towards "Miss Bikini of the World"
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PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 19 October 2013

Revista "Panorama Plus", 19 Tetor 2013
Headlines this week by magazine "Panorama Plus" ( 19 October 2013 ) :

Seldi: With Sinan, definitely separated. We no longer shared interests!
Tuna's "bird" is expensive, she made 40 thousand USD from clicks
Saimir Kodra: I'll tell you about my new project. The Doctor left "Fiks", like me, he could not resist the offer
Perparim Shala: I, the albanian bricklayer, on the cover of " Vogue "
Edberi of "BB": The reason why we continue our relationship with Arbenita in secret, with Vigan we make her a song . We were offered to play as couple in erotic movie scenes
Arben Derhemi: In "DWS", after having a feel of a paid killer in my new movie
Alberie Hadergjonaj cheering for Mihrije Braha in "Magic Song"
Niada Saliasi playing with guns in the new series "Superbar"
Besa Gashi , a "miss" mummy that returns to the catwalk
Dancing With The Stars: 12 VIP competitors in the race for the Grand Prix
After lips, Orinda makes operation of her breasts
Olta Gixhari , the first pictures from the filming where she stars as lesbian
Floriana Garo and Gent Bejko, presenter of " Miss Globe 2013 "
Nora Istrefi, night life in the company of a mysterious boy
Eneda Tarifa, struggling to restore body lines after birth
Salsano Rrapi, close to colleague even outside the "Portokalli"
Ettore Sequi , fan of serenades from Devis Xherahu
Prime Minister Edi Rama, with private car plates
Majlinda Bregu, continues to defend by attacking, but still does not show the price of  "Jaguar"
PS wifes and the charm of the state power
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Zanfina, finishes shooting of her new video

Zanfina, gjate xhirimeve te klipit te ri
Attractive singer Zanfina Ismajli, short while ago became news, singing in an election campaign, but it seems that she has now changed her mind. The media write that the singer has now rejected any offer to sing in these campaigns and has favored to work on her own musical career. In this regard, she has announced that she has completed filming for her new video entitled "Ma ngat" while you are viewing here the picture that shows how attractive will she look in a part of this video. We learn that the song is work of  Zzap & Chriss with lyrics by Robby Krasniqi and video by Video Art.

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Zanfina, perfundon xhirimet e klipit te ri

Kengetarja atraktive, Zanfina Ismajli, pak kohe me pare u be lajm, duke kenduar ne nje fushate elektorale, por duket se ajo tani ka nderruar mendje. Mediat shkruajne se kengetarja tani ka refuzuar cdo oferte per te kenduar ne keto fushata dhe ka preferuar me mire t'i perkushtohet karrieres se saj muzikore. Ne kete drejtim, ajo ka bere te ditur se ka perfunduar xhirimet e klipit te saj me te ri qe titullohet "Ma ngat", ndersa fotoja qe po shihni tregon se sa joshese do te duket ajo ne nje pjese te ketij klipi. Mesojme se kenga eshte punuar nga Zzap & Chriss me tekst te Robby Krasniqit dhe video nga Video Art.

Flaka Krelani in "Dancing With The Stars"

Flaka Krelani, se shpejti ne Dancing With The Stars
This edition of "Dancing With The Stars" would not be the same without a prominent rocker like Flaka Krelani. The singer has posted a picture of the rehearsals she is making for dancing competition this year. Besides few appearances like in "2XL" and "X Factor", she has been absent for some time from stage with any new projects, but we believe that this participation will compensate good the one-year vacuum. Till now these names are mentioned as dance contestants: Arben Derhemi, Castro Zizo, Andos Sinani, Blendi Nallbani, Petri Bozo, Arjon Muca, Rike Roci, Aurela Hoxha, Nora Istrefi, Jonida Maliqi, Monica Lobonja and Aulona Musta. The list is not confirmed since there is possible that few names have abandoned the competition while there will also be new names that are not yet published. It has become known that such an offer came to even Alberie Hadergjonaj, but she refused this invitation, and perhaps she's not the only one. For more info on Dancing, we invite you to watch the video below:
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Flaka Krelani ne "Dancing With The Stars"

Ky edicion i "Dancing With The Stars" nuk do ishte njesoj pa nje rrokere te spikatur si Flaka Krelani. Kengetarja ka postuar nje foto nga pergaditjet qe ajo eshte duke bere per garen e kercimit sivjet. Pervec disa paraqitjeve si ne "2XL" dhe "X Factor" kohe me pare, ajo I ka munguar skenes me projekte te reja nje kohe, por me kete pjesemarrje besojme se do e kompenzoj mire kete vakuum njevjecar. Deri me tani jane permendur keta emra si pjesemarres ne garen e kercimit: Arben Derhemi, Kastro Zizo, Andos Sinani, Blendi Nallbani, Petri Bozo, Arjon Muca, Rike Roci, Aurela Hoxha, Nora Istrefi, Jonida Maliqi, Monika Lubonja dhe Aulona Musta. Lista nuk eshte e konfirmuar pasi flitet se ka mundesi qe disa emra te kene hequr dore nga gara ndersa do kete edhe emra te ri ende te pa publikuar. Eshte bere e ditur se nje oferte e tille i erdhi edhe Alberie Hadergjonaj, por ajo e ka refuzuar kete ftese, mbase jo dhe e vetmja.

Linda Halimi, forgets hometown for New York

Linda Halimi ne Nju Jo
Singer from Viti of Kosovo, Linda Halimi, no doubt, after marriage to Big D, is well accommodated in the U.S., and that exactly, in New York, where she is reaping success in building a good circle of influential people in the world of music, with hope that they will also help her to successfully launch there. But, she seems to have forgotten her native town of Viti near Ferizaj, because now she has created a new "hometown" where she feels more complete. "My beautiful city of New York ... I have missed you, I'm back in NYC, now my life is complete!" Linda wrote in one of New York photos that she posted on her social network, after returning in this city from a trip across America. I do not know if the singer will rejoice in this measure when back in her true birthplace.
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Will Ronela Hajati be excluded from "Magic Song"?

Ronela Hajati tek "Kenga Magjike"
Singer Ronela Hajati, came very strong this year to "Magic Song" with the song "Mos ma lsho", a creation made ​​by Elgit Doda, with text by the singer herself. But, although the song has become a hit and is favored, there are other voices that say that the song is stolen from the original version "Watch out for this (Bumaye)" of Major Lazer. You are invited to follow the two versions and to see if the song is actually stolen or not. Already this year we witnessed an exclusion, where Besa Breca singer was penalised for stealing her song "Ndjenjat nuk kane kufij", a work of Fabian Asllani.

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Soni Malaj, regrets her look in the past...

Soni, nga xhirimet e klipit te fundit "Jeto"
Although to the public, whenever she was presented on stage, during her 17 years long music career, has always been "In", beautiful and sexy, charming and loving, but she herself does not think so. "... I was never remorseful for songs, I regret the look. When I see any old footage, I say 'God, what were those people thinking, in making me dress like that'!", said singer Soni Malaj, in an interview for the magazine "Story". Of course, motherhood has led her to feel differently about the past today. She recently appeared on a duet with new talent Aldo, with music video titled "Live" which is well received by the public.
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Ledina, soon with new song and video...

Ledina Celo gjate xhirimeve te klipit te ri
"Love my new song" wrote Ledina Celo on Instagram for her new song with the title "Te kam zemer", a project by Adi Hila. Ledina, who actually lives in Germany, has returned to Albania for a while where it is believed that she has made recordings for the video of this song. The singer has posted several photos from the shooting where she has also thanked make-up artist Lili Ismaili who has been looking after her look. Last time she was presented to the Albanian stage was with the project "Me Ndez" in collaboration with Dren Abazi and also with an impressive performance on "X Factor". We invite you to listen to a fragment from this new song that she posted on her Instagram.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Seldi, obsessed with beautiful blondes

Seldi me biondinen ne "Weli Weli"
Seldi Qalliu charming singer, who also tested himself in "Big Brother" seems to have fixation towards blondes. He comes solo in his latest clip, "Weli Weli", where he is seen cuddling one of them while we also note that the video is filled with beautiful girl mostly with blond hair. Even his unofficial fiancée from Sweden, Dafina, is likewise a beautiful blonde. The song with an oriental mix, received numerous approvals, not forgetting to mention that he became a composer too, since he put his name as the author of the music.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Adrian Gaxha and Argjentina Ramosaj "caught" red handed

Adriani dhe Argjentina, imazh te "Albafone"
Macedonian cameras these days have "caught" red handed two famous singers, Adrian Gaxha and Argjentina Ramosaj, cuddling in the middle of the city. It is also said that the two have been long exchanging love messages like "I love you" etc.. through the new mobile network in Macedonia, "Albafone". As we write these lines, we almost believed this rumor. But, in fact, Adrian and Argjentina have become advertising face of the new mobile operator in Macedonia "Albafone" that started work last Friday, under the slogan "Speak Albanian". Since for some time the two have stated that both are single, you never know, it could happen, this drama as two lovers, to become also a reality. Watch the first ad campaign of the two below!
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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fatma, journalist who is jealous of Adelina?

Fatma vs Adelina
We all read the news that journalist who quips, Fatma Haxhialiu, made singer Adelina Tahiri cry in "Top Show Magazine", saying to her face that she simply can not sing and that she is not a true singer. "The fact is that Adelina is beautiful girl, sexy, performs beautifully, but we have not ever heard her 'live'," Fatma said in an interview after the show. And we suspect, if the part "beautiful, sexy" maybe what worries her more than live singing of the singer, because this time her "quip" seems very personal, disingenuous and unnecessary. Therefore, we say to Fatma, ok you are a journalist of "spikes" but perhaps this week you've overdone it a bit and you have an OUT this week!
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PALOMA Magazine - 12th October 2013

Revista PALOMA - 12 Tetor 2013
Headlines this week by magazine "Paloma" ( 12 October 2013 ) :

Floriana Garo: My love, beautiful even without marriage ! New Season " Not only fashion" , resumes Saturday October 19
10 years of " Top Show ", Alban Dudushi : Professionals do not need to be perfect on screen
Hassle at "Top Show Magazine ", Fatma makes Adelina Tahiri crying. Mc Kresha debate with Silva Gunbardhi
Xhesika Berberi : I do not compromise with death for any contract no matter how fat!
Aferdita Dreshaj responds : I am not affiliated with Turkish singer. He could be my grandfather !
Spring Borakaj and Nolian Lole at "5 to 7" , every day in the Vision Plus : You have no option but to follow us!
Lindi and Venera of the "The Voice" couple on stage and in life ?
Rikja to marry Andos
Ledri Vulaj in a relationship with a girl, participant in "The X Factor" ?
Bleona nude ... is this news still ?
Drini Zeqo leaves "Opinion"
Bora Kokadhima in relationship with stylist Xhavit Novolani?
Fioralba Dizdari , Fadil Berisha gives the verdict : " No in Miss Universe "
Rules on "Magic Song" singers observed by Ardit
Rita Ora marries , singer celebrated with Calvin Harris
By Niko Komani: Dress like; Oda Hadergjonaj , Beatrix Ramosaj Kajtazi Gjira , Albana Osmani , Dafina Zeqiri, Jonida Maliqi , Lori Hoxha , Angelina Hadergjonaj , Luana Vjollca, Rosa Lati, Suada Sherifi , Samantha Karavello, Nora Istrefi, Tuna, Zanfina Ismajli, Orgesa Zaimi, Soni Malaj, Argentina Ramosaj .
IN & OUT : Hayati Ronela at the "Magic Song" , Kaos , Aldo Bardi ( IN) ; Edona Llalloshi, Bleona Qereti , Noizy ( OUT )
On Scanner: 40 years old, age starts .. ?
Mummy's girls : Argjentina & Susanna ; Zanfina & Mona , Beatrix & Antigona , Angelina & Alberia; Genta & Shpresa , Adelina Tahiri & Teuta , Rosa & Rita ; Ciljeta & Majlinda ; Almeda & Albana
- - - - - - - - - - -

Titujt kryesore te kesaj jave nga Revista "Paloma" (12 Tetor 2013):

Floriana Garo: Dashuria ime, e bukur edhe pa martese! Sezoni i ri "Jo vetem mode", rifillon te shtunen me 19 tetor
10 vjet "Top Show", Alban Dudushi: Profesionistet s'kane nevoje te jene perfekt ne ekran
Sherr ne "Top Show Magazine", Fatma ben Adelina Tahirin per te qare. Mc Kresha debat me Silva Gunbardhin
Xhesika Berberi: Nuk bej kompromis me vdekjen per asnje kontrate te majme!
Aferdita Dreshaj reagon: Nuk jam e lidhur me kengetarin turk. Ai mund te ishte gjyshi im!
Pranvera Borakaj dhe Nolian Lole ne "7 pa 5", cdo dite ne Vizion Plus: Nuk keni alternative tjeter vecse te na ndiqni!
Lindi dhe Venera te "The Voice", cift ne skene dhe ne jete?
Rikja martohet me Andosin
Ledri Vulaj ne lidhje me nje shqiptare pjesemarrese ne "X Factor"?
Bleona nudo... a perben me lajm?
Drini Zeqo largohet nga "Opinion"
Bora Kokedhima ne lidhje me stilistin Xhavit Novolani?
Fioralba Dizdari, Fadil Berisha i jep verdiktin: "Jo ne Miss Universe"
Rregullat ne "Kenga Magjike", kengetaret te vezhguar nga Arditi
Martohet Rita Ora, kengetarja celebrohet me Calvin Harris
Nga Niko Komani: VISHU SI: Alberie Hadergjonaj, Beatrix Ramosaj, Gjira Kajtazi, Albana Osmani, Dafina Zeqiri, Jonida Maliqi, Lori Hoxha, Anxhelina Hadergjonaj, Luana Vjollca, Roza Lati, Suada Sherifi, Samanta Karavello, Nora Istrefi, Tuna, Zanfina Ismajli, Orgesa Zaimi, Soni Malaj, Argjentina Ramosaj.
IN&OUT: Ronela Hajati ne "Kenga Magjike", Kaos, Aldo Bardhi (IN); Edona Llalloshi, Bleona Qereti, Noizy (OUT)
Ne SKANER: 40 vjec fillon mosha..?! 
Vajzat e mamit: Argjentina & Suzana; Zanfina & Mona; Beatrix & Antigona; Anxhelina & Alberia; Genta & Shpresa; Adelina Tahiri & Teuta; Roza & Rita; Ciljeta & Majlinda; Almeda & Albana

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 12th October 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH - 12 Tetor 2013
Headlines this week by the magazine "Bluetooth" ( 12 October 2013 ) :

Adelina Ismajli: I'm married , I can not wait to become a mother ! Diva of the Albanian scene, in a confession without gloves ...
The debate in the program; Adelina Tahiri explodes in tears after Fatma's harassment. Presenter of " Thumb " : It performs nicely , but she cannot sing! Singer: I am an artist and I am very smart
Ledri says "no" to acting
Nora Istrefi appears raw-boned
Argjentina Ramosaj image of a mobile company
Kosovo not allowed to participate in the "Miss Universe" , also withdraws Albania
Special "Hummer" of Vali Corleone
Rita Ora , in the footsteps of Kate Moss
Gunbardhi Silva : I will not let them call me a bitch and whore, I don't care about money. Singer : " Te ka lali shpiert " whosoever will copy them , but not Serbs
Genta Ismajli refused to sing for campaigns
Manjola Nallbani,  "bombastic" return
Ermal wears dresses of "Amit"
Soni and Aldo receive positive reviews
Public figures on the stairs of the stadium "Kemal Stafa " for Albania - Switzerland match
Birthday marathon of Fjodores
Boys of 'Lynx' , as actors in the film of Amelios Gianni ...
Jul Deda , nostalgia for " Portokallia "
Tuna after song, poetry for the "bird"
Campaign in Kosovo , thousands of euros for singers
- - - - - - - - - -

Titujt kryesore te kesaj jave nga Revista "Bluetooth" (12 Tetor 2013):

Adelina Ismajli: Jam martuar, mezi pres te behem nene! Diva e skenes shqiptare, ne nje rrefim pa dorashka...
Debati ne emision; Adelina Tahiri shperthen ne lot, pas ngacmimeve te Fatmes. Prezantuesja e "Thumb": Ajo performon bukur, por s'di te kendoje. Kengetarja: Une jam artiste dhe jam shume e zgjuar
Ledri i thote "jo" aktrimit
Nora Istrefi shfaqet kocke e lekure
Argjentina Ramosaj, imazh i nje kompanie celulare
Kosova ndalohet te marre pjese ne "Miss Universe", terhiqet edhe Shqiperia
"Hummer"-i i vecante i Vali Corleones
Rita Ora, ne gjurmet e Kate Moss
Silva Gunbardhi: Nuk lejoj te me quajne kurve e prostitute, s'me interesojne leket. Kengetarja: "Te ka lali shpirt" ta kopjoje kush te doje, vetem serbet jo
Genta Ismajli nuk pranon te kendoje ne fushata
Manjola Nallbani, kthehet "bombastike"
Ermali vesh fustanet e "Amit"
Soni dhe Aldo marrin komente pozitive
Personazhe te njohura publike ne shkallet e stadiumit "Qemal Stafa" per ndeshjen Shqiperi-Zvicer
Ditelindja maratone e Fjodores
Djemte e "Lynx", aktore ne filmin e Gianni Amelios...
Jul Deda, nostalgji per "Portokalline"
Tuna pas kenges i kushton poezi "zogut"
Fushata ne Kosove, mijera euro per kengetaret