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Friday, 20 September 2013

Aurela Gace, first photos from the wedding

Aurela and Skerdi, foto by Ardit Gjebrea
Aurela and Skerdi, photographed by Ardit Gjebrea
It is these moments, that marriage of Aurela and Skerdi is underway and guests have already started to throw the first pictures from the wedding in their social networks. So did Ardit Gjebrea and Rozana Radi, while the following is expected to have even more. It's really joy when colleagues are mostly artists and singers and give ambient atmosphere by singing alone, as seen in the picture, Eli Fara with microphone in her hand.

Martesa Aurela Gaces, foto nga Rozana Radi Martesa Aurela Gaces, foto nga Rozana Radi
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Aurela Gace, fotot e para nga martesa
Pikerisht ne keto momente, martesa e Aureles dhe Skerdit eshte ende ne rrjedhe e siper dhe tashme te ftuarit kane nisur te hedhin edhe fotot e para nga dasma ne rrjetet e tyre sociale. Keshtu kane bere Ardit Gjebrea dhe Rozana Radi, ndersa ne vijim pritet te kete edhe me shume. Eshte vertete kenaqesi kur koleget jane te shumten artiste e kengetare dhe i japin atmosfere ambientit duke kenduar vete sic shihet edhe ne foto, Eli Fara me mikrofon ne dore.

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