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Friday, 20 September 2013

Eralda Hitaj becomes mother

Eralda Hitaj becomes mother
Presenter and model Eralda Hitaj became mother this week for the first time. She gave birth to a boy, whose name has not yet been decided. "I am very happy. I, and the baby are in good health," said Eralda for Albanian Gazette. Eralda is in a perennial connection with the famous footballer Eleandro Pema.
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Eralda Hitaj behet nene
Prezantuesja dhe modelja Eralda Hitaj eshte bere nene kete jave, per here te pare. Ajo ka lindur nje djale, emrin e te cilit ende nuk e ka vendosur. "Jam shume e  lumtur. Edhe une, edhe bebi jemi mire me shendet", ka thene Eralda per Gazeten Shqiptare. Eralda eshte ne nje lidhje shumevjecare me futbollistin e njohur Eleandro Pemen. 

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