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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Arbana Osmani, brings her first book with recipes

Arbana Osmani by Artan Korenica
It is now official, the recipe book by Arbana Osmani, will be in shelves of all bookstores in Albania and Kosovo from 8 November. This has been announced by the moderator on her social network. We leran that money collected from the sale of the book will go towards help for children trapped in the North. The book is not simply a book filled with recipes only, but brings personal experience of the moderator, it is as if her family album, confessed through cooking recipes. The successful moderator is presently engaged in the spectacle "The Sun" while the latest news confirms that shewill again run the "Big Brother 7" next year.
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PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 2nd November 2013

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 2 Nentor 2013
VIP headlines this week by magazine "Panorama Plus" ( 2 November 2013) :

Xhemi Shehu : I'm being persued by anonymous girl
Laura Vorpsi , separated from fiance , former Mister Geri Shahu
Ermal Mamaqi coul be Saimir Kodra's partner in the new program
Miriam Cani, pressed the producer of DWS for more money
Saimir Pirgu , for the first time in a photo with girlfriend
Argita and Shkelzen Berisha share with friends photos of they travel to Verona
Ema Andrea : In this moment I am in love
Halloween, VIPs who became fearsome
Reaffirmed the " Big Brother 7 " in 2014 with Arbana Osmani as moderator
Enviable elegance of Jorida
Bora, daughter of Ilir Meta , lost weight as her parents
Arvizu , a problem with the height of the Minister Beqja
When you are in power , you can also park on pavement as Taulant Balla
Governor , little sport to remove the excess kilograms
Indrit Fortuzi continues with football , but in Lotto
Time has stopped for Inis Gjon
Fiori of "Fiks" with spouse in Film Festival
Soni Malaj , everywhere with her ​​student, Aldo
After breasts, Adelina also proud of her bottom
Anaidi becomes godfather to the successor of his name
Algen Nichola brings Italian girlfriend in Albania
Vivian Canaj, albanian girl who advertises perfume "Chopard" in Germany
Adelina Ismajli gives fans to LDK
Blerim Destani prefers sisters Vjollca
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Titujt kryesore VIP te kesaj jave nga Revista "Panorama Plus" (2 Nentor 2013):
Xhemi Shehu: Po me perndjek nje vajze anonime
Laura Vorpsi, ndahet nga i fejuari, ish-misteri Geri Shahu
Ermal Mamaqi mund te jete partner i Saimir Kodres ne programin e ri
Miriam Cani i beri presion producentes se DWS per me shume para
Saimir Pirgu, per here te pare ne nje foto me te dashuren
Argita dhe Shkelzen Berisha ndajne me miqte fotot e udhetimit ne Verona
Ema Andrea: Ne kete momente jam e dashuruar
Festa e Halloween, VIP-at qe u bene te frikshem
Rikonfirmohet "Big Brother 7" ne vitin 2014 me drejtuese Arbana Osmanin
Eleganca e lakmueshme e Jorides
Bora, vajza e Ilir Metes, dobesohet si prinderit e saj
Arvizu, problem me gjatesine e ministrit Beqja
Kur je ne pushtet, mund te parkosh edhe ne trotuar si Taulant Balla
Guvernatori Fullani, pak sport per te larguar kilogramet e tepert
Indrit Fortuzi vazhdon me futbollin, por ne loto
Koha ka ndalur per Inis Gjonin
Fiori i "Fiksit", me bashkeshortin ne Festivalin e Filmit
Soni Malaj, gjithandej me nxenesin e saj, Aldon
Pas gjoksit, Adelina krenohet edhe me te pasmet
Anaidi behet kumbar i trashegimtarit te emrit te tij
Algen Nikolla, sjell ne Shqiperi te dashuren italiane
Vivian Canaj, shqiptarja qe reklamon parfumin "Chopard" ne Gjermani
Adelina Ismajli i dhuron fansa LDK-se
Blerim Destani preferon motrat Vjollca

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 2nd November 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH - 2 Nentor 2013
VIP headlines this week by tmagazine "Bluetooth" (2 November 2013):

"Dancing With The Stars", Holta Dulaku: Here's why Adi Krasta and Miriam Cani left. Singer: They changed the agreement; Producer: I have respect for her, but should decide herself
Rudina Xhunga, in playful poses with her daughter, Alana
Ermal Mamaqi, Saimir Kodra's new partner. Offer from "Agon", artist: It is true that they asked for me, but they are ashamed to make a indecent offer
Amy returns to work, in superform
VIPs in the Halloween parade of masks or "sex" ...
After the "bird", appears on stage Pula
Berisha's "Youngsters" in vacation leave
Erand Sojli, left the "Portokalli"
"Story", anniversary which brought together personalities
Bleona: I fancy Bodyguard!
"War" ends, Rovena Stefa absent in court against Aulona and Fatma
Aferdita Dreshaj: Stop, I'm not afraid to tell you who I fancy. Albanian famous model signed a contract with "Agon Channel"
"A goal for culture" brings together VIPs
- - - - - - - - - - -

Titujt kryesore VIP te kesaj jave nga Revista "Bluetooth" (2 Nentor 2013):
"Dancing With The Stars", Holta Dulaku: Ja pse iken Adi Krasta dhe Miriam Cani. Kengetarja: U ndryshua marreveshja; Producentja: Kam respekt per te, por duhet te vendose vete
Rudina Xhunga, poza lozonjare me te bijen, Alana
Ermal Mamaqi, partneri i ri i Saimir Kodres. Oferta e "Agon", artisti: Eshte e vertete qe me kane kerkuar, por kane turp te me bejne ndonje oferte te paturpshme
Ami i rikthehet punes, ne superforme
VIP-at ne Halloween, parade maskash apo "seksi"...
Pas "zogut", del ne skene Pula
"Te vegjelit" e Berishes, nisen me pushime
Erand Sojli, iken nga "Portokalli"
"Story", njevjetori qe bashkoi personazhet
Bleona: Dashuroj truprojen!
Merr fund "lufta", Rovena Stefa mungon ne gjyqin kunder Fatmes e Aulones
Aferdita Dreshaj: Boll me, nuk kam frike ta them ke dashuroj. Modelja e famshme shqiptare nenshkruan kontrate me "Agon Channel"
"Nje gol per kulturen" mbledh bashke VIP-at

Friday, 1 November 2013

"Halloween" 2013 of the Albanian VIP

VIP-at shqiptare ne "Halloween"
Although this year, it is said that with albanians, "Halloween" has been more quieter than last year, we bring you some of the faces and outfits that our VIPs have chosen this year for this fright night. See below for individual pictures.
- - - - - - - - -
"Halloween"-i 2013 i VIP-ave shqiptare
Megjithese kete vit, thuhet se tek shqiptaret, "Halloween"-i ka qene me i vdekur se vitin e kaluar, ju sjellim disa nga fytyrat dhe veshjet qe VIP-at tane kane zgjedhur sivjet per kete nate te frikshme. Shiqo me poshte per fotot individuale.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Arbana and Xhemi, happily "drunk"

Arbana dhe Xhemi, caste te lumtura
"Happy times" is the caption of this picture that Xhemi posted on her social network. She is seen here together with her ​​colleague Arbana Osmani, now both presenters at "The Sunday", while they were drinking wine together and it seems they're spending happy times indeed, perhaps even little bit "drunk". They are close friends, not rivals at all, and Xhemi, apparently from recent posts, is among the first to taste different recipes from Arbana, who has cooking as her passion.
- - - - - - - - - - - -- 

Arbana dhe Xhemi, lumturisht te "dehura"
"Happy times" ka dicituren kjo foto qe Xhemi ka postuar ne rrjetin e saj social. Ajo aty shihet se bashku me kolegen e saj Arbana Osmani, tani te dyja prezantuese tek "E Diell", derisa po pinin vere se bashku dhe duken sikur po kalojne caste shume te lumtura, mbase edhe pak te "dehura". Ato jane mike te ngushta, aspak rivale, dhe Xhemi me sa duket nga postimet e fundit, eshte nder te parat qe shijon recetat e ndryshme te Arbanes, e cila ka pasion gatimin. /Albaflashnews/

Miriam and Albani, image of LTB jeans

Miriami dhe Albani, imazh te xhinseve LTB
photo: endrit mertiri
Although, according to recent news, she will not be part of "Dancing", Miriam Cani found a new activity, becoming the image of turkish jeans "LTB". In fact, she is not alone in this new commitment, since she is having along her fiance Albani, while together, as a perfect couple advertise jeans for the winter catalog of the "Littlebig" turkish company that produces the denim jeans brand "LTB", popular all around the world.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Miriam Cani quits from "DWS"?

Olti Curri shkruan ne Facebook

This news comes from Olti Curri who has written on his Facebook page that Miriam Cani has quit from the role of Moderator in the spectacle "Dancing With The Stars" and in her place comes Jonida Maliqi. In fact, the first time it was written for Jonida Maliqi as competitors in the dance, but she gave up the post, as she realised during the two days of rehearsals that physical and time commitment was great that she can not afford because of her son Dan, with whom she needs to stay close. In the following days, it will probably become known the reasons for the withdrawal of Miriam Cani.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Miriam Cani terhiqet nga "DWS"?
Ky lajm vjen nga Olti Curri i cili ka shkruar ne faqen e tij ne Facebook, se Miriam Cani eshte terhequr nga roli i moderatores se spektaklit "Dancing With The Stars" dhe ne vend te saj vjen Jonida Maliqi. Ne fakt, kohe me pare u shkrua per pjesemarrjen e Jonida Maliqit si konkurrente ne kercim, por qe ajo hoqi dore me pas, pasi kuptoi gjate dy dite provash se angazhimi fizik dhe kohor ishte i madh e qe ajo nuk mund ta perballonte pasi ka dhe djalin e saj Danin prane te cilit ajo ka nevoje te qendroje. Ne ditet ne vijim, mesiguri do zbardhet me shume per arsyet e terheqjes se Miriam Canit.

Rita Ora, designer for "Adidas"

Rita Ora ne Nju Jork ne nje mbremje gala humanitare
Rita Ora in New York City, Tuesday night at Gabriel's Angel Foundation Gala night
Singer, then model, whereas now Rita Ora is becoming a designer too. International media talk about a $ 2.5 million dollar contract she signed with the sportswear giant "Adidas". This way she is following steps of famous designer Stella McCartney (daughter of former member of the "Beatles", Paul McCartney) and the famous footballer David Beckham, who have designed a special line for "Adidas". Since herself Rita Ora is a fan of sports apparel, we believe that this cooperation will reap great success. She has just advertised products for firms "DKNY" and "Rimmel" and it looks like her career in the fashion world is progressing so well, she was named as one of 50 biggest style stars in the world, according to the portal "WhoWhatWear", and we're afraid she might forget about music, since it has been long pending for any new music project, including her second album.
- - - - - - - - - - -  -

Rita Ora, dizenjatore e "Adidas"
Kengetare, pastaj modele, ndersa tash Rita Ora po behet edhe dizenjatore. Mediat nderkombetare flasin per nje kontrate prej 2.5 milion dollaresh qe ajo ka nenshkruar me firmen e njohur te veshjeve sportive "Adidas". Ajo keshtu po ndjeke hapat e dizenjatores se famshme Stella McCartney (vajza e ish anetarit te grupit "Beatles", Paul McCartney) dhe futbollistit te njohur David Beckham, te cilet kane projektuar linje te vecante per "Adidas". Duke qene se vete Rita Ora eshte nje fanse e veshjeve sportive, besojme se ky bashkepunim do te korr sukses te madh. Ajo sapo ka reklamuar produktet e firmave "DKNY" dhe "Rimmel" dhe duket sikur karriera e saj ne boten e modes po i ecen aq mire sa eshte shpalluar njera nder 50 yjet me te medha me stil ne bote, sipas portalit "WhoWhatWear", dhe po frikohemi nese do e harroj muziken, pasi ka kohe qe jemi ne pritje te ndonje projekti te ri muzikor, perfshire edhe albumin e saj te dyte. /Albaflashnews/

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Luana Vjollca, terribly sexy even with "nofilter"

Luana Vjollca seksi edhe "pa filter"
Sweet TV presenter, Luana Vjollca, a beauty icon that we've never suspected for her appearance, comes with this photo on her social network, with a tag "#nofilter", which means "no filter" or no intervention in the photo, meaning original. No doubt, with filter or without filter, she simply is a very sexy and original woman. Officially she stands as single, after splitting from Adrian, although she could not completely escape from rumours about new love connections. Last summer she showed us that beside having a physical beauty, she can sing too, with the publication of her first song "Terbohu".
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Luana Vjollca, tmerresisht seksi edhe "pa filter"

Prezantuesja e embel televizive, Luana Vjollca, nje ikone bukurie qe asnjehere nuk e kemi dyshuar per pamjen e saj, vjen me kete foto ne rrjetin e saj social, te nenvizuar me "#nofilter", qe nenkupton "pa filter" apo pa nderhyrje ne foto, domethene origjinale. S'ka dyshim, o me filter, o pa filter, ajo thjeshte eshte nje femer shume seksi dhe origjinale. Zyrtarisht ajo mbahet ende single, pas ndarjes nga Adriani, ndonese nuk i iku krejtesisht thashethemeve per lidhje te reja dashurie. Veren qe shkoi ajo deshmoi se pervec bukurise fizike qe ka, di edhe te kendoj, me publikimin e kenges se saj te pare "Terbohu". /Albaflashnews/

Aferdita Dreshaj, a hockey player as new lover?

Is it Shpati, or turkish singer or perhaps a new love? This is the latest riddle about the personal life of singer and model Aferdita Dreshaj. She recently posted a picture where we could see her holding hand with a man, like two lovers. "You think you can guess it, but you're not even close! Chill ..." wrote the model after some speculations made ​​about this picture that holds the caption "Good Night" and she seems to like this game with media. The most recent attempt to discover the identity of the man in the photo, connects her with the czech hockey player Jakub Kindl, who ​​"retweeted" picture in question, while the same is followed by both sisters Dreshaj. It has been known that Aferdita is a fan of this sport and often followed matches of this player. If there is something more between them than just "fan love", we expect to be revealed by model herself, who is currently busy doing a photoshoot in Spain.

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Capital T, a young rapper with a beard

Capital T, se shpejti me nje hit te ri
Although still young in age, he has nevertheless managed, quite early, to make a name in albanian music market with his consecutive hits. It's about 22-year-old rapper, Kushtrim Ademi, known as Capital T, who surprises us with his latest appearance, where he has chosen to become a rapper with a beard, making him look older. "I'm terribly in love," he said in an interview for the magazine "Paloma" and we don't know if this has influenced him to feel more mature and grow a beard or perhaps is some preference of his religious beliefs. Nevertheless, after his latest success with "Sushi", get ready, Trimi is coming soon with a new video hit titled "Go Hard".
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Capital T, nje reper i ri me mjekerr
Ndonese ende i ri ne moshe, ai megjithate ka arritur, qysh heret, te bej emer ne tregun muzikor shqiptar me hitet e tij te njepasnjeshme. Fjala eshte per reperin 22 vjecar, Kushtrim Ademi, i njohur si Capital T, i cili po na befason me dukjen e tij te fundit, ku ai ka zgjedhur te behet nje reper me mjekerr, qe e ben te duket me i vjeter. "Jam tmerresisht i dashuruar", ka deklaruar ne nje interviste per revisten "Paloma" dhe nuk e dime nese kjo ka ndikuar tek ai te ndjehet me i pjekur dhe te leshoj mjekerr apo eshte ndonje preference e tij e besimit fetar. Sidoqofte, pas suksesit te fundit me "Sushi", behuni gati, Trimi po vjen se shpejti me nje video hit te ri me titull "Go hard". /Albaflashnews/

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Regis Philbin, another famous American declared Albanian

Regis Philbin deklarohet shqiptar
An interesting story that brings Albaniac, about another famous american personality, Regis Philbin, who declared in a television show that is from Albania. Indeed, it is spoken, for several years, that Regis, like Kara Dioguardi, is descended from the Italian Arbereshe, consequently from Albania, but here, in this video (see below), at minute 3:05, he says it himself. Regis is known as a host of several famous TV shows like "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", "America's Got Talent" etc..
- - - - - - - - - - -

Regis Philbin, nje tjeter amerikan i famshem deklarohet shqiptar
Nje lajm interesant qe sjell Albaniac, flet per nje personalitet tjeter te njohur amerikan, Regis Philbin, i cili deklaron ne nje shou televiziv se eshte nga Shqiperia. Ne te vertete, eshte folur, ka disa vite, se Regis, sikur Kara Dioguardi, ka prejardhje nga arbereshet e Italise, rrjedhimisht nga Shqiperia, por ja, ne kete video (shih poshte), ne minuten 3:05, ai e thote vete me goje. Regis eshte i njohur si drejtues i disa emisioneve te famshme televizive si "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", "America's Got Talent" etj.

Franceska Jace, seductive on the cover of the Magazine "Kosovarja"

Franceska Jace ne kopertinen e revistes "Kosovarja"
Former BB protagonist, the girl who loves very much modeling, Franceska Jace, has attracted readers posing for the cover of the latest number of the Magazine "Kosovarja", edition for Europe. Photos are shot by Eugene Kurti, with care for clothing from Vlora Sherifi and Erion Kico, while Suela for make up. Inside the magazine, Franceska comes with an interview where she talks about the "man of dreams". We do not know if it means the ideal man or those men who leave you and remain only in your dreams. Nevertheless, we invite you to enjoy below, more provocative shots of this 20 year old model, from this new set of photographs shot exclusively for the magazine.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tika Camaj, first to start Halloween

Tika Camaj, nje "Cat Woman" per Halloween
Tika Camaj-Ivezaj, one of Albania's most famous models in the U.S., who has been a catwalk model for "Victoria's Secret" seems to be one of the first VIP to launch celebrations of  "Halloween Night" or "Halloween". She has posted some photos on her social network Instagram, which shows that this year she chose to be presented as sexy "Cat Woman" with her ​​husband (un) dressed as "Batman". Probably, in the following days, we will see many more photos from other VIPs in the wake of this fright night.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Tika Camaj, nise e para Hallovinin
Tika Camaj-Ivezaj, nje nder modelet shqiptare me te famshme ne Amerike, modelja qe sfiloi per "Victoria's Secret", duket sikur eshte nje nder te parat VIP qe ka nisur te festoj "Naten e Shtrigave" apo "Halloween". Ajo ka postuar disa foto ne rrjetin e saj Instagram, ku tregon se kete  vit ajo ka zgjedhur te prezantohet si nje seksi "Cat Woman" me bashkeshortin e saj te (zh)veshur si "Batman". Mesiguri, ne ditet ne vijim, do te shohim edhe shume foto nga VIP-at tjere ne vigjilje te kesaj nateje te "frikshme".

Dua Lipa, impressive in new photos

Dua Lipa by Arton Humolli
The new model and singer, Dua Lipa, daughter of kosovar rocker Dukagjin Lipa, who has recently been made part of gossip news media for relationship with Ledri, has taken a new set of pictures in Pristina with Albanian photographer Arton Humolli, under the auspices of Sellma and Kaci for appearance. In the first photos that we saw, she looks really amazing and certainly is not by chance that the known companies in Britain want her as the image for advertising their clothing or products. She has recently posed for a London-based firm known as "Trapstar" that promotes urban outfits, while most interesting is that the mogul Jay-Z has fat shares in this firm, one reason why we often see Rihanna and Rita Ora advertise outfits of this company.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 26th October 2013

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 26 Tetor 2013

VIP headlines this week by magazine "Panorama Plus" ( 26 October 2013 )

Franceska this time dares with intimate touching
Discovered Laura Vorpsi private photos with boyfriend
Flori Mumajesi bought space on Youtube against colleagues
Company "Acromax" charges Flori Mumajesi for unpaid debts
Olta Boka: For years I won my economic independence with money earned from music
Genti Bejko: Politics in Albania ? We don't know whether to laugh or cry
Arian Cani this time trying to "seduce" Tahiri's female policemen
Rezarta Shkurta with spouse first photos with the baby
Men VIPs of "DWS"; Petri Bozo pulls out, Albano Bogdo of "2XL" enters the competition
Eldora of "BB6" exciting vacations in Dubai
Jamie and Ledioni spend time together outside the screen
Ilir Shaqiri : The first time, personally I don't know any of competitors in " DWS "
Tuna, like Christina Aguilera 13 years ago
Eralda Hitaj presents her 1 monthold son
Frustrated artists for a false humanitarian concert
The famous model in Pristina for Ledri
Stylist Anila Zajmi, lawsuit in court for divorce from husband
Kaltrina Selimi, ardent fan of Chelsea
"Seven" theatrical show where new government ministers will play a role
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 26th October 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH - 26 Tetor 2013
VIP headlines this week by magazine " Bluetooth " ( 26 October 2013 )

Dafina Zeqiri: The moment came for me to talk! Back in December with new projects . Duo with Rita Ora possible. The singer broke the silence, clarifies rumors
Sisters Gjoni with new projects. Inis nominated for "Cult Awards" and brings in a theater a comedy. Ingrit, three clips in six months , news song ready.
Orinda Huta : I'm coming back to music! I have not made ​​any intervention, the surprises of "Next "
The Doctor of "Fiks : It cannot go from "Top", the contract with "Agon" only grocery paper
A new explosive set by Nora Istrefi
Fjolla Morina dissapoints
Ledri forgets Dafina,  connected with singer Dua Lipa
Gjyste Vulaj back " in black "a super sexy mummy
Shpat goes back with Aferdita, spending night life with her "enemy"
Albana Osmani's new luxury car
Luana's secrets
Anger of Capital T and 2po2
Zajmina flashes her boobs in a club
Birthdays like Lori's
Petri Bozo withdrew from " Dancing " for health reasons
Hueyda El Saied : Currently I'm doing paintings, I have no plans for television. New life between Paris and Luxembourg. New love of the show girl
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

PALOMA Magazine - 26th October 2013

Revista PALOMA - 26 Tetor 2013
VIP headlines this week by magazine "Paloma" ( 26 October 2013 )

Olta Boka: I'm superstitious, so I do not talk about love ... I will always remain the innocent one, with pure heart
Capital T: I am terribly in love !
Aurela Gace : I took my man virgin, I teach him myself
Kanita, 12 - year-old singe , reacts to criticism about the image in the video: I have not exaggerated , it was only a dream!"
Dhurata Dora, after the success of "I like dat" comes with "Edhe Pak": There is no shame in having no lover!
Gjyste Vulaj: I remarried after 20 years with the same man! Husband likes when I'm all covered , but I dress as I want
Elvana provokes with nude photos!
Rezarta Shkurta becomes mother , brings Hera to life
Ardit Gjebrea " forgives" Nora Istrefi
Big Brother back in the early 2014 's
Albulena Krasniqi, an Albanian in "The Voice of Germany"
Dancing With The Stars : Petri Bozo left the race, replaced by David Tukiqi
By Niko Komani : Take action !
IN & OUT: Olta Boka, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha (IN); Buildings on the Mother Teresa's House , "Afternoon in Top Channel", Kanita Suma ( OUT )
On Scanner: Loose women!
Girlfriends ( not at all ) rivals on Albanian Screen: Xhemi Shehu & Arbana Osmani; Eneda Tarifa & Albana Osmani, Luana Vjollca & Bora Zemani ; Vilma Masha & Ilda Bejleri; Ilva Tare, Mira Kazhani , Agnesa Maja and Iva Tico; Aulona Musta & Fatma Haxhialiu
- - - - - - - - - - - - -