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Sunday, 29 June 2014

PALOMA Magazine - 28th June 2014

Revista PALOMA - 28 Qershor 2014
VIP headlines this week by the magazine "Paloma" (28 June 2014) 

Jona after BB: I've had many proposals for marriage! 
Franceska Jace after experience in the movie "Tirana 14": I will not sell myself for a job! 
Serbian media insult Era Istrefi: The albanian who desecrated serbian church! 
Xhemi Shehu pregnant for the second time 
Eni Jani: I am in a sweet reception 
Dafina and Ledri, erotic action on stage 
Diana Avdiu proposes for marriage to Neymar 
Bleona responds: I did not offer sex to Albania's coach
Eliza Dushku splits from fiance after five years together 
Flori Mumajesi raises tensions in Tirana 
IN & OUT by Fatma Haxhialiu: Miriam Cani, Capital T and Mc Kresha, Ledri and Dafina (IN); Sinan Hoxha, "wolf" of Cerrik, Shpati and Barbana (OUT) 
On Scanner: Mad TV 
What is "they" read in summer: Ami, Adrian Gaxha, Maya, Ledina Celo, Davis Xherahu, Eni Koci
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PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 28th June 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 28 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Panorama Plus" (28 June 2014) 

Undresses Jona of Bb: Men love my wilderness 
Ledri prefers Ciljeta, photographed together in the Pub 
Flori Mumajesi raged, erotic games with dancers on stage 
Ermal Mamaqi: I say no to "the goods", in the Lazarat atmosphere. Dr.Flori: How I quit drugs! 
Soni Malaj, a song with composer of tallava hits
After Serbian attacks, the director of Era Istrefi's video reacts
Elita 5 burns Tetovo, thousands of fans in promotion 
Lirita of BB, in the fifth month of pregnancy 
When misses get together: Zana, Marigona, Jessica and Mirjeta 
Rike Roci, holiday in Albania without boyfriend 
Luana Vjollca, begins tv summer adventure with Ledion Lico
Shpetim Saraci appears in form next to Bamir Topi 
Flaka Krelani: Why was I penalized in "Top Fest" 
After separations, Angela Martini and Aferdita Dreshaj in bed with Turi Hyska 
Eni doesn't ask for Greta's prejudice, strips naked 
Lorik Cana, magnificent wedding in Pristina 
Ledina reveals belly of her second pregnancy
Eldora, the thalassemic of BB6, celebrates first anniversary of relationship 
Catherine of BB7: Story with Edber lasted one month, now I'm in the arms of an Italian 
Kaltrina Selimi: My child is a boy, will become a mother in November 
Robert Aliaj: The gays, part of my "48-hour" adventure
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BLUETOOTH Magazine - 28th June 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 28 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Bluetooth" (28 June 2014) 

Arian Cani: Lack of sex education leaving albanians with mental problems. Edi Rama, the most boring character in my studio. 
Eni Koci: I've decided to reveal the motive of my life. I've graduated with average 9, will major in medicine! You will not see me in festivals, they judge unfairly
Lorik Cana marries! Wedding of the footballer in Pristina 
VIPs at the beach,  Adelina on chaise long with mysterious boy, Joanna and Katerina become friends:  Adelina Tahiri, Venera Lumani, Aferdita Dreshaj, Aurela Hoxha, Franceska Jace, Olta Gixhari, Diana Avdiu, Arbana Osmani, Era Istrefi, Mariza Ikonomi, Joanna and Katerina, Eliza Dushku ... 
After three goals, Xherdani in night life with Kosovo model 
Arvizu "flirts" times with Rama and times with Blushi 
Secret vacations of Nora Isterfi. Singer relaxes in luxury resorts, keeps secret the place 
Alberia treading on dollars 
Revealed hot photos of Anjeza Branka 
Flori Mumajesi raises tensions in Tirana, hot scenes with ballerinas in the concert
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