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Sunday, 25 May 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 24th May 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 24 Maj 2014

Headlines of the week VIP Magazine "Bluetooth" (24 May 2014) 

Arian Cani French kiss with model. Revealed the backstage of comedy "Tirana 14", here are the most erotic scenes 
Joanna: I reconciled with Anaid, in september wedding with Jani. After marriage time for a baby. Will live in Greece! 
Franceska brings the heat 
Enkelejd of BB7: Girls hunt for me, but do not wish to cheat wife. I expect offers for movies or shows, otherwise the return to mortar 
"Miss Albania" selection begins 
Stres about floods: Lord retorted Serbia! 
Juliana Pasha birthday with artist friends 
Dren Abazi shows at night as "king" 
Arditi to Valerie: Malesia not proud of you 
Arditi: Meridian is forgetting fiancee for Jona, he even kissed Viola
Quarrel between Jona and Arditi, she's spit on him
Arditi threatens Visar: Will not let you live in Kosovo! 
Jona: No love between Arditi and Juliana 
"RockStock Festival" Day of friendship brings together "Albatross" and "3 Musketier". Comes to Tirana former vocalist of "Deep Purple", Glenn Hughes
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