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Monday, 16 September 2013

What is happening with Nora and Robert?

Nora dhe Roberti ndahen
Fotoja e fundit se bashku, nga instagrami i Robertit, para 5 diteve
The latest rumor, which comes from the Journal Tribune, about a separation between the charming couple within our showbiz, Robert and Nora. Media couple once "separated" a few years ago and since the failure of the marriage last year, is often spoken of a crisis of their connection. Whereas, now at last she said that even if all the waiting, sharing! So far none of the couple is pronounced in social networks. Nora time has not posted any pictures together with Robert in her instagramin, while Robert was more abundant in you direction. If, as rumor says, Robert has betrayed Noren, even then it may be reasonable though Robert has long absent from its social network. No doubt, this will be news to be discussed during thin these days, so expect more news and maybe the reaction of the couple.
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Cka po ndodh me Noren dhe Robertin?
Thashethemi i fundit, qe vjen nga Gazeta Tribuna, flet per nje ndarje mes ciftit me simpatik te estrades sone, Nores dhe Robertit. Mediat e "ndane" ciftin njehere disa vite me pare dhe qysh nga deshtimi i marteses vitin e kaluar, eshte folur shpesh per nje krize te lidhjes se tyre. Ndersa, tash me ne fund edhe u tha ajo qe sikur te gjithe mezi e prisnin, ndarjen! Asnjeri nga cifti deri tani nuk eshte prononcuar ne rrjetet sociale. Nora ka kohe qe nuk ka postuar ndonje foto se bashku me Robertin ne instagramin e saj, derisa Roberti ka qene me i bollshem ne kete drejtim. Nese, sic thote thashethemi, Roberti ka tradhtuar Noren, atehere edhe mund te jete e arsyeshme pse Roberti ka kohe qe mungon ne rrjetin e saj social. Nuk ka dyshim, ky do jete lajmi qe do shtjellohet holle e gjate keto dite, prandaj presim me shume lajme dhe ndoshta edhe reagimin e ciftit.

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