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Saturday, 30 November 2013

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 30th November 2013

Revista "Bluetooth" - 30 Nentor 2013

VIP headlines this week by magazine "Bluetooth" ( 30 November 2013)

Magic Song: The contenders, the price will be divided between Ledina and Besa. Mihrije Braha, Erik Lloshi and group " Lynx " off the final.
Ermali Mamaqi : One cannot say "NO" to Ardit Gjebrea ;
Ervin Bejleri : With Ermal will see one another in court ;
Mariela : I received the news on "FB", kept it secret from my friends
Evisa : Ten days for a magical night, Gjebrea is sweet
"Big Brother" this year is "Big Sister" . Rezart Aga gone as author, in his place journalist Zefina Hasani
Rita Ora shows it off in public
Nora Istrefi: No underwear?
"Fiks Fare"  with new stuff, the next presenter Andy Tufa
Eva and Genari , love in the open
For Mom Alketa, Christmas has started
Aurela Hoxha opens clothing collection "Made in Albani "
Mia Morina : My experience in the "X Factor 3", a dream made ​​true
Record sales, "Women" even surpasses "Avatar"
Gjika cooks "downfall" of Rama
A father-in-law like Todo Bozo 's and a bride as Alda Bida
Keti Bashhysa does it all
Dafina Zeqiri marks her first debut in America
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Titujt kryesore VIP te kesaj jave nga Revista "Bluetooth" (30 Nentor 2013)

Kenga Magjike; Pretendentet, cmimi do ndahet mes Ledines dhe Beses. Mihrije Braha, Erik Lloshi dhe grupi "Lynx" jashte finales. 
Ermali Mamaqi: Smund t'i thuash "JO" Ardit Gjebrese; 
Ervin Bejleri: Me Ermalin do shihem ne gjyq; 
Mariela: Lajmin e mora ne "FB", u mbajta sekret miqve; 
Evisa: Dhjete dite per nje nate magjike, Gjebrea i embel
"Big Brother" kete vit eshte "Big Sister". Iken autori Rezart Aga, ne vend te tij gazetarja Zefina Hasani
Rita Ora e nxjerr ne shesh
Nora Istrefi: Pa te brendshme?
"Fiks Fare" serish prurje te reja, Endi Tufa prezantuesi i radhes
Eva dhe Genari, dashuri ne qiell te hapur
Per mami Alketen, fillojne krishtlindjet
Aurela Hoxha cel koleksion veshjesh "Made in Albania"
Mia Morina: Eksperienca ime ne "X Factor 3", nje enderr e bere realitet
Rekord shitjesh, "Femrat" ia kalojne edhe "Avatarit"
Gjika pergadite "gropen" e Rames
Nje vjeherr si Todi Bozo e nje nuse si Alda Bida
Keti Bashhysa i ben te gjitha
Dafina Zeqiri shenon debutimin e pare ne Amerike

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Leonora Jakupi finds her Prince [VIDEO]

Leonora me "Princin" e vet te reklames

And when there is talk about a "Prince" near the albanian beauty icon, singer Leonora Jakupi, we all become eyes and ears, to learn if finally he came for her. But, unfortunately, the only "Prince" for Leonora, at present is still HE from the commercial. SHE and HE last appeared in an ad for the coffee company "Devolli Prince" that we invite you to follow below. As the commercial says, "Who seeks, will also find!", we wish that one day this fantasy of Leonora, also becomes a reality, provided that she is really "seeking".
- - - - - - - - - - 

Leonora Jakupi, e gjen Princin e vet...
Dhe kur flitet per nje "Princ" afer ikones se bukurise shqiptare, kengetares Leonora Jakupi, te gjithe behemi sy e vesh, te mesojme nese me ne fund per te Ai erdhi. Por, fatkeqesisht, i vetmi "Princ" per Leonoren, akoma mbetet vetem Ai i reklamave. Ajo dhe Ai, shfaqen ne reklamen e fundit per kompanine e kafese "Devolli Princ" qe ju ftojme ta ndiqni me poshte. Sic thote reklama "Kush e lyp, edhe e gjen!", urojme qe nje dite kjo fantazi e Leonores te shnderrohet poashtu ne realitet, me kusht qe ajo me te vertete, eshte duke e "lypur".

Beatrix Ramosaj, exchanges love messages on Instagram...

Beatrix, mesazhe dashurie ne Instagram

Beauty Beatrix Ramosaj was excessively surprised by a bouquet of flowers she received while she was in Germany, by a devoted fan of hers from New York. Frankie Cibaku is the name of the boy who apparently for sometime now, has fallen deeply in love with the singer, who he calls "princess". Looks like it has not gone in vain his gesture of the gentleman, since Beatrix has made ​​public his affection, even by sending back warm words of love, through a message on Instagram. "I thank you with all my soul for this that you've done, I am speechless. Frankie I love you & I really hope to see you one day!! @ Frankie_cibaku", is part of the contents of her long message on Instagram, directed to the boy that she hopes to meet one day. And you never know, maybe this love of theirs in distance, may well one day turn into a real one.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Beatrix Ramosaj, shkemben mesazhe dashurie ne Instagram
Bukuroshja Beatrix Ramosaj, eshte surprizuar jashte mase nga nje buqete me lule qe ajo ka pranuar derisa ishte ne Gjermani, nga nje fans i saj i flaket nga Nju Jorku. Frankie Cibaku quhet djaloshi i cili mesa duket ka kohe qe ka rene thelle ne dashuri me kengetaren te cilen ai e quan "princeshe". Duket sikur aspak nuk i shkoi huq ky gjest prej xhentelmeni, pasi Beatrix e beri publik kete afeksion te tij, madje duke i derguar mbrapa fjale te ngrohta dashurie, permes nje mesazhi ne Instagram. "Te falenderoj me gjithe shpirt per kete qe ke bere, kam mbet pa fjale. Love you Frankie & I really hope to see you one day!!!! @frankie_cibaku", eshte permbajtja e nje pjese te ketij mesazhi te gjate te saj ne Instagram, drejtuar djaloshit qe ajo shpreson ta takoj nje dite. Dhe nuk i dihet, ndoshta kjo dashuri ne distance e tyre, mund qe nje dite, te shnderrohet edhe ne nje te vertete. /Albaflashnews/

Mariza Ikonomi, in love she has no problem with man's nationality...

Mariza Ikonomi ne "Kenga Magjike 2013"

Mariza Ikonimi, returned from France to present in "Magic Song 2013" her newest song "Destination", which speaks of love of course. When we speak of love and men, she says for the magazine "Paloma": "I do not have an ideal man.." and "... as regards to nationality I have no problem." Although in love her requirements are not large, she is still in search of it, but beware, she does not tolerate disrespect. Regarding commitments, she has indicated that she will be at a concert in Milano on 28 November, continuing in Switzerland for another interesting project, while year-end will find her in concerts in New York and Las Vegas.
- - - - - - - - - -

Mariza Ikonomi, ne dashuri nuk e ka problem nacionalitetin e mashkullit..
Mariza Ikonimi, eshte kthyer nga Franca per te prezantuar ne "Kenga Magjike 2013" kengen e saj me te re "Destinacion", qe flet natyrisht per dashurine. Kur jemi tek dashuria dhe meshkujt, ajo thote per revisten "Paloma": "S'kam ndonje mashkull ideal..." dhe "... sa i perket nacionalitetit s'kam asnje problem". Megjithese kerkesat e saj ne dashuri nuk jane te medha, ajo ende eshte ne kerkim te saj, por keni kujdes, mosrespektin ajo nuk e toleron. Sa i perket angazhimeve, ajo ka treguar se do jete ne nje koncert ne Milano per 28 Nentor, duke vazhduar ne Zvicer per nje projekt tjeter interesant, ndersa fundviti e gjen ate ne koncerte ne Nju Jork dhe Las Vegas. /Albaflashnews/

Quarrel for the cover of magazine "OK"

Sherr per kopertinen e revistes "OK"
" Quarrel for a cover " is the title of the article brought by the last issue of magazine "Paloma". It has been made known that cause of this quarrel lie with conflicts and contention within staff of the magazine "OK" itself, in relation to who should have been on the cover of the next issue. Initially, the cover was promised to Dritan Hoxha's daughter, Lori Hoxha , but in the last moment, the director of the magazine thought that it should have been footballer Fatmir Hysenbelliu as main cover figure, leaving Lori completely out of it. In the end, it seems like the market version emerged as a compromise cover, with Lori as the main figure, but also including footballer in the cover. But then brawling spilled outside offices, between the girlfriend of the footballer, singer Anxhelina Hadergjonaj and Lori, who exchanged indirect teasing on Instagram, after the first one published the version with only the footballer on cover. This picture seems Angelina has now deleted from her Instagram. She herself was on the cover of this magazine, on an earlier issue, with the headline "Mummy's daughter? Why not!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sherr per kopertinen e Revistes "OK"
"Sherr per nje kopertine" eshte titulli i artikullit qe sjell numri i fundit i revistes "Paloma". Behet e ditur se shkak i ketij sherri ishin konfliktet dhe inatet brenda vete stafit te revistes "OK", ne lidhje me ate se kush duhej te ishte ne kopertinen e radhes. Fillimisht, kopertina iu premtua vajzes se Dritan Hoxhes, Lori Hoxha, por ne momentin e fundit, drejtori i revistes ka menduar se futbollisti Fatmir Hysenbelliu duhej te ishte personazhi kryesor, duke hequr krejtesisht Lorin nga kopertina. Ne fund, duket sikur verzioni i tregut doli si nje kopertine e kompromisit, me Lorin si personazh kryesor, por duke perfshire edhe futbollistin ne kopertine. Por, sherri me pastaj shpertheu edhe jashte redaksise, mes te dashures se futbollistit, kengetares Anxhelina Hadergjonajt dhe Lorit, te cilat shkembyen ngacmime indirekte ne Instagram, pasi kjo e para publikoi verzionin me vetem futbollistin ne kopertine. Kete foto duket se Anxhelina tani e ka fshire nga Instagrami i saj. Ajo vete, ishte ne kopertinen e kesaj reviste, nje numer me heret, me titullin "Goca e mamit? Pse jo!".

Nora Istrefi, couldn't escape accusations for copying ...

Nora Istrefi ne "Kenga Magjike 2013"

Nora Istrefi is back with confidence in "Magic Song 2013" and through a photo that is being commented alot these days, she's shown that everything is fine between her and Ardit, after misunderstandings back in 2010 edition. On Sunday she presented a beautiful song entitled "You are mine", written by Aida Baraku and Armend Rexhepagiqi, with lyrics by Arjanit Palaj and instrumentation by Arber Gjikolli. But even this time, she could not flee from accusations for copying the styling, as there seem to be tireless enthusiasts that will necessarily find something in this direction. It is about a model and TV presenter named Marianna Hewitt, who Nora has "copied" for clothing (see further down). However, copying or simply a fashion trend, Nora has shone on stage, whereas, her song is being liked by many fans and is commented as one of the favorites to win a good prize on the final nights, which will further smoothen the friendship with Ardit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rita Ora poses half naked on her 23rd birthday...

Rita Ora behet 23 vjec

Singer Rita Ora has recovered pretty well, after the incident in Florida, and today she celebrates 23-year birthday by posting a provocative picture, where she is thought to be half naked behind a pillow that reads: "I am a f *** king star ". She is receiving endless congrats from fans, while her close friend Kyle Devolle, who is also her personal stylist, has posted an old picture of hers as a charming child, congratulating her birthday with the sweetest words a best friend can give, with whom Rita grew up together in the same district of London. For curiosity, Kyle Devolle also celebrates his birthday in a few days, on 29 November.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Rita Ora pozon gjysem lakuriq ne ditelindjen e 23-te te saj
Kengetarja Rita Ora ka marre veten bukur mire, pas incidentit ne Florida, dhe sot ajo feston 23-vjetorin e saj duke postuar nje foto provokuese, ku ajo mendohet te jete gjysem lakuriqe pas nje jasteku qe lexon: "Une jam nje f***king star". Ajo po merr urime te pafund nga fansat, ndersa miku i saj, Kyle Devolle, njeherit stilisti i saj personal, ka postuar nje foto te saj te vjeter si femije simpatik, duke i uruar asaj ditelindjen me fjalet me te embla qe mund t'i jep nje mik i mire, me te cilin Rita eshte rritur se bashku ne te njejten lagje te Londres. Per kuriozitet, Kyle Devolle feston poashtu ditelindjen e tij pas pak ditesh, me 29 nentor. /Albaflashnews/

Sunday, 24 November 2013

PALOMA Magazine - 23 November 2013

Revista PALOMA - 23 Nentor 2013

VIP headlines this week by the magazine "Paloma" (23 November 2013)

"10 years of marriage" with Inis Gjoni. Love is not a compromise!
Bora Zemani, from mummy's daughter, to a secret agent!
Enxhi Cuku, protagonist in the film "Women": Kissing with Ermal Mamaqi was discomforting
Monika Lubonja, leaves Dancing With The Stars: I did not expect to be eliminated this night!
Mariza Ikonomi: Love is my destination
Rezarta Shkurta, introduces her daughter!
Fiori and Doctor, love / hate!
VIPS behind bars:
Ljiljana Kondakci, Stresi, Sejfulla Myftari, Bujar Qamili, Alban Rexha, Koco Devole, Viktor Zhusti
Vesa Luma advises girls: Natural is better!
Public characters that cleaned Albania
Hassle for a magazine cover in "OK"
Magazine "Grazia" comes to Albania
Burned Rozana Radi
By Niko Komani: Who wore better in promotion of Arbana's book?
IN & OUT: Besa Kokedhia, Rozana Radi, Shpend Latifi (IN); Meti, Niki, Sammy Ceka (OUT)
On Scanner: Magazines and Newspapers
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Titujt kryesore VIP te kesaj jave nga Revista "Paloma" (23 Nentor 2013)

"10 vjet martese" me Inis Gjonin. Dashuria nuk eshte kompromis!
Bora Zemani, nga vajza e mamase, tek agjentja sekrete!
Enxhi Cuku, protagonistja e filmit "Femrat": Puthja me Ermal Mamaqin, se sikletshme
Monika Lubonja, largohet nga Dancing With The Stars: Nuk prisja te eliminohesha ate nate!
Mariza Ikonomi: Dashuria destinacioni im
Rezarta Shkurta, prezanton vajzen e saj!
Fiori dhe Doktori, dashuri/urrejtje!
VIP-at pas hekurave te qelise: 
Liljana Kondakci, Stresi, Sejfulla Myftari, Bujar Qamili, Alban Rexha, Koco Devole, Viktor Zhusti
Vesa Luma keshillon vajzat: Natyrale eshte me mire!
Personazhet publike qe pastruan Shqiperine
Sherr per nje kopertine ne Revisten "OK"
Revista "Grazia" vjen ne Shqiperi
Digjet Rozana Radi
Nga Niko Komani: Kush u vesh me mire ne promovimin e librit te Arbanes?
IN&OUT: Besa Kokedhima, Rozana Radi, Shpend Latifi (IN); Meti, Niki, Sammy Ceka (OUT)
Ne SKANER: Revistat dhe Gazetat

Flaka Krelani oops, as Marilyn Monroe...

Flaka Krelani tregon te brendshmet

Charming rock singer, Flaka Krelani, who at present is shining in competition "Dancing With The Stars" had a "Marilyn Monroe" moment while posing backstage for the paparazzi. Surely, Flaka has a very fit body and it does not seem she's too anxious to cover her beautiful legs and panties. When the race started, she surprised us with her appearance as blonde, that would probably go better with this "incident", but now she is back to her natural hair, brunette.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Flaka Krelani uups, si Marilyn Monroe...
Rrokerja simpatike, Flaka Krelani, e cila po shkelqen ne garen e kercimit "Dancing With The Stars", ka pasur nje moment "Marilyn Monroe" derisa po pozonte per paparacet ne paskuinta. S'ka dyshim, Flaka ka nje trup te tonifikuar mire dhe ajo duket sikur nuk brengoset shume te mbuloj te brendshmet dhe kembet e saj te bukura. Kur nisi garen, ajo na befasoi me dukjen e saj te nje biondeje, qe mesiguri do i shkonte me mire ketij "incidenti", por tani i eshte kthyer flokeve te saj natyral, brune.