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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Two Aferditas, single rose

Dy Aferdita, nje trendafil
She is the image for dresses of turkish firm "Tarik Ediz" and we understand easy why the Turks chose the albanian girl as she looks "terribly" sexy when she wears them. Well its about model and singer Aferdita Dreshaj, who in this picture, dressed in yellow, virtually shares a rose between herself, dressed in red color. Well, in the absence of a loving heart, can do this way! 
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Dy Aferdita, Nje Trendafil
Eshte imazh i fustaneve te firmes turke "Tarik Ediz" dhe kuptohet lehte pse turqit zgjodhen shqiptaren, pasi ajo duket "tmerresisht" seksi kur i vesh ato. Fjala eshte pra per modelen dhe kengetaren Aferdita Dreshaj, e cila ne kete foto, e veshur me ngjyre te verdhe, virtuelisht ndane nje trandafil ne mes me veten e vet, veshur me ngjyre te kuqe. Eh, ne mungese te te dashurit, ben edhe keshtu!

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