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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ryva weds in Maldives

Martohet Ryva Kajtazi ne Maldive

Singer Ryva Kajtazi seems to have ended her bachelorette life. She made this known via pictures posted on Instagram, where she is seen wearing a white dress in a private marriage ceremony with her ​​spouse Fidan Rexhepi, with whom she became engaged in December 2012, precisely on a symbolic date 12.12.12. The ceremony took place in Maldives while it seems that creator Flutura Dedinja is the one who took care of her white bridal dress. 
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Martohet Ryva ne Maldive
Kengetarja Ryva Kajtazi duket se i ka dhene fund beqarise. Ajo e ka bere kete te ditur permes fotove te postuara ne Instagram, ku ajo shihet e veshur me fustan te bardhe ne nje ceremoni martesore private me bashkeshortin e saj, Fidan Rexhepi me te cilin ajo u fejua ne dhjetor te vitit 2012, pikerisht me daten simbolike 12.12.12. Ceremonia ka ndodhur ne Ishujt Maldive ndersa thuhet se per fustanin e bardhe te nuserise eshte perkujdesur kreatorja Flutura Dedinja. /Albaflashnews/

Monday, 28 July 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 26th July 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 26 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Panorama Plus" (26 July 2014) 

Franceska Jace, revealed new boyfriend 
Zaho of Rama and Linda born, the 153-th with this name since 1907 
Dj Blunt: Sisters Vjollca, how they attracted me to a new collaboration 
Luzja and Clinton are still together, photos from vacation 
Stresi: I make love like in Hollywood, I keep women in the air 
After the car, Aferdita and Jakub luxury vacation in Las Vegas. Czech millionaire head to heels in love with Albanian Beauty 
Arditi of BB: Julie? I'm too busy to deal with petty things 
Samanta Karavella as girl who seduces partner of someone else: In real life I don't do it ... 
Rezarta, after photographing the whole world, brings a shot of herself with Hera 
Genta Ismajli: In autumn I bring my project of the decade 
Ronela Hayati: I'm single, my attention to school and singing 
"Miss Kosovo" (Morena Taraku) in an accident, accuses the media there for lack of sensitivity
Valbona Selimllari extends hair to look younger
Noizy and Ledri Vulaj forget hostility, sing together in Ulcinj 
Bertina of BB very sexy, but still single 
Marin from "Portokolli" in love, weighs his wife 
Famous rocker (Flame Krelani), burns fire with her ​​body 
Big Mama becomes a bride 
Nick Xhelilaj takes appearance of a traditional Turk, new telenovela ready in autumn 
BB5 winner, Arber Zeka, in relationship with a sexy singer
Here is why our deputies grow fat bellies
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 26th July 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 26 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Bluetooth" (26 July 2014) 

Bamir Topi's daughter marries. Albano Carrisi: Happy to be in the enjoyment of the president. Details of the wedding with the son of a businessman 
Edi Rama becomes father! Linda brings to life Zaho, in Italy 
Zanfina Ismajli: My first time stripping, why not show the beauty! Singer: My love relationship  ended in February! 
VIPs at the beach; Bertina and Franceska hot photos on the beach, Vesa Luma practicing extreme sports: Bertina of BB3, Adelina Tahiri, Vesa Luma, Drini Zeqo & Arjon Mucha, Franceska of BB5,Suada Sheriffi, Venus Lumani, Alketa Vejsiu, Aurela Hoxha, Armina Mevlani, Casey Tola, Nora Istrefi 
Sheila Haxhiraj strips down for the new video
Nora Istrefi instead Tuna in "X Factor" 
Esmeralda Shkjau celebrates 31st anniversary with Rama's flowers 
Olta Gixhari provokes with hot pictures
Arbana Osmani holiday in the village, a picture with a cow 
Aferdita Dreshaj introduces boyfriend to her mother
Albana Osmani makes appeal: Protect yourself from accidents!
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 19th July 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 19 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Panorama Plus" (19 July 2014) 

Olta Gixhari: The secrets of my body lines
Linda Rama: How Edi reacted when he heard the news about my pregnancy, with Krasta a principled debate
Again problems for the new television season for Adi Krasta 
On the eve of her 50-s, Mihrije competese with new singers
Joanna of BB: Katerina tried to take my husband few days before the wedding 
Orinda Huta: With Turi we seriously thinking marriage 
Mira Janji makes erotic video on yacht 
Men could not undress Zajmina nude, but Rezarta Shkurta yes 
Beatrix Ramosaj compared with Kim Kardashian 
Dafina copies Jelena Karleusha
Era Istrefi problems with her breasts, needs urgent intervention 
Tuna and Getty disappoint with video "MMV". Fans: "Your clock stuck with the bird" 
Xhensila: With Besi we had sad childhood, this made us closer
The daughter of former President Topi, hen party with her friends 
Minister Klajda Gjosha appears with rounded lines 
Angela Martini, unbridled sensuality even on the lap of her own brother 
Aferdita Dreshaj receives a "Porsche" from her boyfriend as a gift
Mateus Frroku chills out with a beer "Korca" 
Genta Ismajli reduces breasts about 2 numbers, fans unhappy 
Eranda Libohova, in her second youth
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