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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Rita Ora's worth $145 million?

Portal "Mediamass", known for fabricated stories about various celebrities of the world, has targeted this time the british/albanian singer Rita Ora, with a sounding news that speaks of her wealth of $145 millions, while further writing that she heads the list of 100 most paid singers in the world for 2014, with an estimated $46 million in combined annual earnings. According to the portal, the singer is the owner of several restaurants in London, football club "The Pristina Angels", has launched her own brand of Vodka "Pure Wonderora UK", her own perfume "With Love from Rita" and her fashion line "Rita Ora Seduction". But, not all of this is false as we can see from her recent interview with "The Breakfast Club", that we invite you to watch below, where, among other things, she reveals still some unknown facts about her and fragile relationship with her parents through adolescence years, before becoming famous.
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Rita Ora, vlen 145 milion dollare?
Portali "Mediamass", i njohur per shkrime te sajuara ne lidhje me celebritete te ndryshme boterore, kesaj radhe ka vu ne shenjester kengetaren shqiptare Rita Ora, me nje lajm bombastik qe flet per pasurine e saj prej 145 milion dollaresh, ndersa shkruan me tutje se kryeson listen e 100 kengetareve me te paguar ne bote per vitin 2014, me te ardhura te pergjithshme vjetore te vleresuara prej 46 milion dollaresh. Sipas portalit, kengetarja eshte pronare e disa restoranteve ne Londer, e klubit futbollistik "The Pristina Angels", ka lancuar brendin e saj te Vodkes "Pure Wonderora UK", parfumin e saj "With Love from Rita" dhe linjen e saj te modes "Rita Ora Seduction". Por, jo dhe te gjitha jane te paverteta sic mund te shihni nga nje interviste e saj e fundit per "The Breakfast Club", qe ju ftojme ta ndiqni me poshte, ku ajo, pervec tjerash, zbulon dhe fakte ende te panjohura per te dhe relacionin e brishte me prinderit gjate adoleshences se saj, para se te behej e famshme. /Albaflashnews/

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

PALOMA Magazine - 19th April 2014

Revista PALOMA - 19 Prill 2014
VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Paloma" ( 19 April 2014 )

Lola Luma , Albanian model famous in America, has done latest photo for magazine " Maxim " : Being sexy has become part of me !
Juliana BB : Erik Lloshi has dedicated the song "She is the one" to me. Singer responds : Juliana, just a fan . I have never had a relationship with her!
Visar Shala , Skivi of " Skillz " , recounts : Reasons why I left Ledri... he betrayed !
" Zhaku " of Big Brother : I want to become a father. Mikela let her alone be the winner !
Miresie Bejko , Mikeles mother : Behold the reasons why she looks like a boy. Our conversation about ex - boyfriends ...
Drini Zeqo in connection with model Arsa Gashi ?
Mc Kresha : Those who attack me, envy me! The song " Amsterdam " was entrusted me because I and Blerim Destani are close friend !
Nick Xhelilaj declared the best actor in America
Jonida Alickolli , 6 months pregnant , ends bachelor's life
Kosovar singers boycott the festival "Kenga Ime" . The reason ? Participation of the Serbian singer Zdravko Colic ! "Shame you invite a Serbian singer in Albania "
IN & OUT by Fatma Haxhialiu : World Autism Day , Andy Gramm ft.Fugaa , Mc Kresha ( IN) ; Sajme and Xoxo , Mc Qopa , Xhixhi SARACI ( OUT )
On Scanner : All or nothing!
Animals, best friends of VIPs : Bledi Strakosha , Eranda LIBOHOVA , Eva Tico , Aurela Hoxha , Valbona Mema , Albana Osmani , Angelina Hadergjonaj , Marjana Kondi
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Titujt VIP te javes nga Revista "Paloma" (19 Prill 2014)

Lola Luma, modelja shqiptare e famshme ne Amerike, ka realizuar set-in me te fundit per revisten "Maxim": Te qenit seksi eshte bere pjese e imja!
Juliana BB: Erik Lloshi ma ka dedikuar mua kengen "Ajo eshte ajo". Reagon kengetari: Juliana, thjesht nje fanse. S'kam pasur kurr lidhje me te!
Visar Shala, Skivi i grupit "Skillz", rrefen: Arsyet pse u ndava nga Ledri... U tregua i pabese!
"Zhaku" i Big Brother: Dua te behem baba. Mikela le te jete fituesja e vetme!
Miresie Bejko, mamaja e Mikeles: Ja arsyet pse duket si cunak. Bisedat tona per ish-te dashurit e saj...
Drini Zeqo ne lidhje me modelen Arsa Gashi?
Mc Kresha: Kush me ka sulmuar ma ka inatin! Kenga "Amsterdam" m'u besua sepse Blerim Destanin e kam mik te ngushte!
Nik Xhelilaj shpallet aktori me i mire ne Amerike
Jonida Alickolli, 6 muajshe shtatzene, i jep fund beqarise
Kengetaret kosovare bojkotojne festivalin "Kenga Ime". Arsyeja? Pjesemarrja e kengetarit serb Zdravko Colic! "Turp qe ftoni nje kengetar serb ne Shqiperi"
IN&OUT nga Fatma Haxhialiu: Dita Boterore e Autizmit, Andy Gramm ft.Fugaa, Mc Kresha (IN); Sajme dhe Xoxo, Mc Qopa, Xhixhi Saraci (OUT)
Ne SKANER: O te gjithe o asnje!
Kafshet, miqte me te mire te VIP-ave: Bledi Strakosha, Eranda Libohova, Eva Tico, Aurela Hoxha, Valbona Mema, Albana Osmani, Anxhelina Hadergjonaj, Marjana Kondi, 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 19th April 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 19 Prill 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine " Panorama Plus " ( 19 April 2014 )

Marina Vjollca: Before marriage I will try living together
Valbona Selimllari speaks for the first time about her three children
Arben Ristani caps with marriage relationship with the doctor  after divorce
Big Brother; Speaks common friend: Here is why can not function relationship between Julie and Arditi
The second couple created in " BB7 ", Lori in bed with Visar
" My song " after participation of Serbian singer, withdraw from the race singers from Kosovo
Nick Xhelilaj alongside playing in the Turkish serials, declared the best actor in the U.S.
The " Number 8 ", knows no entertainment limit with world dj's
Ilir of BB6: I''ll tell you about new projects in television and cinema
Robin Haxhi Krasniqi separates from Miss Germany 2013
After the concert, no problem for Shpat to get drunk
Korab doesn't hide love: " I am happy to have you "
Dafina Zeqiri makes third album, revealed photos of the new video
Gena : singers are jealous of my success , hampered my travel in Schengen zone
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Titujt VIP te javes nga Revista "Panorama Plus" (19 Prill 2014)

Marina Vjollca: Para marteses do provoj bashkejetesen
Valbona Selimllari flet per here te pare per tre femijet e saj
Arben Ristani kurorezon me martese lidhjen me mjeken, mbas divorcit
Big Brother; Flet miku i perbashket: Ja pse nuk mund te funksionoje lidhja mes Xhulit dhe Arditit
Krijohet cifti i dyte ne "BB7", Lori ne shtrat me Visarin
"Kenga Ime", pas pjesemarrjes se kengetarit serb, terhiqen nga gara kengetaret nga Kosova
Nik Xhelilaj nderkohe qe luan ne serialet turke, shpallet aktori me i mire ne SHBA
Te "Number 8", argetimi nuk njeh limit me DJ boterore
Iliri i BB6: Ju rrefej projektet e reja ne televizion dhe kinema
Robin Haxhi Krasniqi ndahet nga Miss Gjermania 2013
Mbas koncerteve, Shpati nuk e ka problem te dehet
Korabi nuk e fsheh dashurine: "Jam i lumtur qe te kam ty"
Dafina Zeqiri realizon albumin e trete, zbulon fotot e klipit te ri
Gena: Kengetaret jane xheloz per suksesin tim, me penguan udhetimin ne zonen Shengen

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 19th April 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 19 Prill 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Bluetooth" (19 April 2014) 

"Armored" wedding of Arben Ristani. Democratic Party MP celebrates the connection of some years with marriage, between 40 guests 
Valbona Selimllari: I have three kids, so that they have each other. "Miss Albania 91" speaks for the first time about children with Sonila Meco 
Running wild inhabitants of the "Big Brother", kisses and passion explode; Fatjoni crying before Matilda: I put hands on Juliana; Lori and Visar kiss in the dark; Arditi and Juliana come open, hot kisses before residents; Jona kisses with Visar, repents and cries herself
"Miss Albania", this year in Ulcinj. Petri Bozo "occupies" another Albanian stronghold 
When will Inis Gjoni put on weight? 
Ledina Celo expecting second child 
Bleona Qereti, again a show for gays 
Gezim Dimnaku, the Albanian of World Athletics competitions 
Alda Bida and Gent Bejko, what are they up to? 
Albanian girl of "Playboy", Delfina Aziri, doing "selfie" to her rear 
Vildane Zeneli and Angela Martini, girls that seduce
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Titujt VIP te javes nga Revista "Bluetooth" (19 Prill 2014)

Dasma e "blinduar" e Arben Ristanit. Deputeti i Partise Demokratike celebron lidhjen disavjecare ne martese, mes 40 te ftuarve
Valbona Selimllari: Kam bere tre femije, qe te kene njeri-tjetrin. "Miss Albania 91" flet per here te pare per femijet tek Sonila Meco
Harbohen banoret e "Big Brother", shperthejne puthjet e pasioni; Fatjoni qan para Matildes: I kam futur duart Julianes; Lori dhe Visari puthen ne erresire; Arditi dhe Juliana dalin hapur, puthje te nxehta para banoreve; Jona puthet me Visarin, pendohet e qan veten
"Miss Shqiperia", kete vit ne Ulqin. Petri Bozo "zapton" nje tjeter kala shqiptare
Kur do te shendoshet Inis Gjoni?
Ledina Celo ne pritje te femijes se dyte
Bleona Qereti, serish nje show per gay-t
Gezim Dimnaku, shqiptari i garave boterore te atletikes
C'po kurdisin Alda Bida dhe Gent Bejko?
Shqiptarja e "Playboy", Delfina Aziri, u ben "selfie" te pasmeve
Vildane Zeneli dhe Angela Martini, vajzat qe joshin