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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 14th June 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 14 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Panorama Plus" (14 June 2014)

Zajmina, provocative touch and hashish leaves in new project
Missing; The girl in Aida Shtinos show: I am the daughter of Mimoza Selimi, I've been threatened with life not to speak
Big Brother; Valerie: After the "Big Brother", the next plan, involvement in politics
Burst contention between singers for nude appearances, Nora says to Dafina: I was first!
Joana BB6 celebrates 28th anniversary cake from friends with Kamasutra positions
The BB7's Enkelejd relish fame next to the woman who came back from the U.S.
Viola and Esterina test in public the duo as velina of the "Fiks Fare"
Edberi after separation from Arbenita, in the company of Catherine of BB7
Mariza Ikonomi next to Capital T, reveals her sensuality for the first time after 20 years
Ardit Gjebrea, family and romantic man
Ciljeta Xhilaga: Two of my relationships broke down when I made them public
Kaltrina Selimi shoots a new video, pregnant and very sexy
Genta resentful towards Videofest, says no to participation
Klodiana Shala appear everywhere in the company of model Afrim Alia
Delfina Aziri, revealed new images from "Playboy"'s bunny girl
Endri Prifti rebels after Soni Malaj wins "Top Fest"
Philip Cakuli declares: "The man is killed by man", readers criticize
Eranda LIBOHOVA: After five years I return hot
Flori "narcist" in the new clip, a girl involved in accident for his love
Viola Spiro left "Fiks Fare" and Arjon, but he insists they are together
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 14th June 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 14 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Bluetooth" (14 June 2014)

Zajmina Vasjari: I'll tell you things that I love. Singer: I have no plans, either for vacation or for marriage!
Cult Awards, Rudina & Xhemi, avoid the red carpet. Who makes Eni Cobani with her head bowed. Prize "Happy couple" for Ami and Ermal. Rosie Radi and Olti Curri, these friends and rivals
Elvana Gjata, childhood photos revealed
Dafina Zeqiri poses nude, fans shocked
World Championship, who for VIPs cheer, Dasara with Germany, Shkelzen with Brazil; Enkel Demi, Aurela Hoxha, Dasara Malltezi, Shkëlzen Berisha, Gent Hazizaj, Eno Popi, Sonila Meco, Erkand Qerimaj, Aferdita Dreshaj, Mand Peza
"Tirana '14" reveals the "unwashed" of TVs? Director: Who feels the heat, let it hold!
Anila & Arditi, happy as in the first day
Orgesa, when she was small
The debate in parliament, reacts Ciljeta: I thank the Prime Minister Berisha!
Flori, "machine" that produces only hits
Arditi & Juliana: We've not separated, jealous ex-residents, slander for us
A "selfie" unlike Getoar Selimi
Aurela Gace repulsed, interfere in her private life
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Aferdita seeks media attention as Nora Istrefi!

Aferdita Dreshaj vs Nora Istrefi

Nora Istrefi's dress in Videofest 2014, made headlines in the media as being copied from Beyonce, although everyone knows that a similar dress is worn not only by her but also by many other world stars, who simply follow the trend. Apparently, this media attention given to Nora, was very much liked by model and singer Aferdita Dreshaj, who just posted a picture of her in a similar dress, with caption "So long ago ... but I guess still IN!", maybe just being ironic, and which we understood it slightly differently, as if she is seeking media attention as that given to Nora Istrefi. And behold, this is what we just did, Aferdita!
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Genta, close to 1 million likes, gets verified on Facebook

Genta me logari te verifikuar ne Facebook

Singer Genta Ismajli, who has been lately enjoying the success of her latest musical project "Feel", in collaboration with Dj Dalool and Ardian Bujupi, managed to collect close to 1 million facebook likes and after Rita Ora, is amongst the first albanian artists to have a verified facebook account, shown with a blue tick alongside her name.
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Genta, me afer 1 milion pelqime, verifikohet ne Facebook
Kengetarja Genta Ismajli, e cila keto dite po shijon suksesin e projektit te saj me te fundit muzikor "Feel", ne bashkepunim me Dj Dalool dhe Ardian Bujupin, ka arritur te mbledhe afer 1 milion pelqime ne Facebook dhe pas Rita Ores, eshte nje nder te parat artiste shqiptare me logari te verifikuar ne rrjetin social Facebook, e shenuar me nje "tick" blu perkrah emrit te saj. /Albaflashnews/

Lo and behold, Sadbere is coming ...

Sadbere Mehmeti - Nje Si Ti

A new summer song entitled "Nje si ti", that is receiving numerous likes, comes from the new singer from Kosovo, Sadbere Mehmeti. The 24-year-old who lives in Germany, was one of the Albanians who took part in the competition "Germany seeks a star" (DSDS 2014). The song is composed by Zzap & Chriss, with lyrics by Rozana Radi, while the visualisation has been done by kosovar video production "Urban Graphics". Sadbere, with her beautiful look and voice, no doubt represents a novelty with a very strong entry in Albanian music market.

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