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Friday, 21 February 2014

Anita Latifi, with a "sex tape" ...

Anita Latifi me "sex tape"

17 years old albanian, Anita Latifi, who appeared as a candidate in the spectacle "DSDS 2014" (Germany seeks a star), has emerged on the Internet with a "sex tape" that has caused controversy from many fans in various portals and forums. Anita in another video has made apology that this video has been made public but we don't know if this will have effect on her success in "DSDS". In addition to Anita, we learn that in this year's spectacle will also be two other Albanian candidates, Claudio Bella and Sadbere Mehmeti. For more info, see links below:
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Anita Latifi, me "sex tape"...
Shqiptarja 17 vjecare, Anita Latifi, e cila u shfaq si konkurrente ne spektaklin "DSDS 2014" (Gjermania kerkon nje yll), ka dalur ne internet me nje "sex tape" qe ka shkaktuar polemika te shumta nga fansat ne portale dhe forume te ndryshme. Anita permes nje videoje ka kerkuar falje qe kjo video eshte bere publike por nuk e dime nese kjo do te ndikoj ne suksesin e saj ne "DSDS". Pervec Anites, mesojme se ne kete spektakel sivjet do jene edhe dy shqiptare tjera, Claudio Bella dhe Sadbere Mehmeti.



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