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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Have you been longing for sexy Rosie?

Rozana Radi, gjate pushimeve ne Turqi
Here she comes, sexy like never before, Rozana in her adventures during the holidays in Turkey, together with her ​​close friends. Through yachts, luxury restaurants and hotels, there seems limitless enjoy this summer without the deficient leaves a "foam party". But, we learn that she is getting frustrated when reading in the media that this is her last summer as a singer. On the contrary, although now given more after acting, she says that will surprise us with a new musical project. Therefore, open the eyes and ears because Rosie singer is still "alive". 
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Ju mori malli per seksi Rozin?
Ju ku vjen, seksi si kurre me pare, Rozana ne aventurat e saj gjate pushimeve ne Turqi, se bashku me shoqerine e saj te ngushte. Neper jahte, restorante e hotele luksoze, duket sikur ka shijuar kete vere pafund, pa lene mangu edhe nje "shkuma party". Por, mesojme se irritohet kur lexon ne media se kjo eshte vera e saj e fundit si kengetare. Ne te kunderten, edhe pse e dhene tani me shume pas aktrimit, ajo thote se do na surprizoj me nje projekt te ri muzikor. Prandaj, hapeni syte dhe veshet se Rozi kengetare eshte ende "gjalle".

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