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Monday, 16 September 2013

Cassie, spider cat that climbs to glass

Cat the climbs on glass
This cat named Cassie is becoming YouTube sensation with its adhesive ability. Here's how it climbs to glass in its efforts to enter inside, while the owner who has deliberately closed the door, all rounds up in the video. There are skeptical commentators who say that there lies an invisible net that facilitates such acrobatics of this "Spider-cat". Probably, the truth is somewhere in-between!

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Cassie, macja marimange qe ngjitet ne xham
Kjo mace me emrin Cassie po behet sensacion ne Youtube me aftesite e saja ngjitese. Ja shifeni se si  ajo ngjitet ne xham ne perpjekjet e saja per te hyre brenda, derisa pronari i cili qellimisht ka mbyllur deren, te gjitha i xhiron ne video. Ka edhe komentues skeptike qe thone se aty gjindet nje rrjet i padukshem qe lehteson akrobacionet e tilla te kesaj  "spider-maceje". Mesiguri, e verteta eshte diku ne mes! 

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