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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cow, problems with obesity?

Lopa e Danimarkes he he
What is the first thing that catches your mind when you see this picture? "Photoshop", "Oh Mercy", "Never seen a cow like this", "This is exactly like a cow", "This is what happens when you consume grass in foreign meadow","Cow from Denmark (re: M.Zeka)", or maybe something more sophisticated. However, look at it for the last time because"Kurban Bajram"  (Festival of Sacrifice) is approaching! 
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Lopa, probleme me mbipeshe?
Cfare eshte gjeja e pare qe ju bie ne mendje kur shikoni kete foto? "Fotoshop", "Ah sa gjynah!", "S'pasna pa kurre k'si lope", "Bash lop te koka", "Qishtu kur han bari n'livadh t'huej", "Lopa e Danimarkes (e M.Zekes)", apo ndoshta dicka me te sofistikuar. Sidoqofte, shikojeni per here te fundit se "Kurban Bajrami" po afrohet!

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