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Monday, 14 October 2013

Adrian Gaxha and Argjentina Ramosaj "caught" red handed

Adriani dhe Argjentina, imazh te "Albafone"
Macedonian cameras these days have "caught" red handed two famous singers, Adrian Gaxha and Argjentina Ramosaj, cuddling in the middle of the city. It is also said that the two have been long exchanging love messages like "I love you" etc.. through the new mobile network in Macedonia, "Albafone". As we write these lines, we almost believed this rumor. But, in fact, Adrian and Argjentina have become advertising face of the new mobile operator in Macedonia "Albafone" that started work last Friday, under the slogan "Speak Albanian". Since for some time the two have stated that both are single, you never know, it could happen, this drama as two lovers, to become also a reality. Watch the first ad campaign of the two below!
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Adrian Gaxha kapet "mat" me Argjentina Ramosaj

Kamerat ne Maqedoni keto dite kane kapur "mat" dy kengetaret e njohur, Adrian Gaxha dhe Argjentina Ramosaj derisa po perqafoheshin ne mes te qytetit. Thuhet poashtu se ka kohe qe jane duke shkembyer mesazhe dashurie si "Te dua" etj. permes rrjetit me te ri mobil ne Maqedoni, "Albafone". Derisa po i shkruanim keto rreshta gati se edhe ne i besuam ketij thashethemi. Por, ne te vertete, Adriani dhe Argjentina jane bere imazh publicitar te operatorit mobil me te ri ne Maqedoni "Albafone" qe ka nisur punen te premten e kaluar, nen sloganin "Fol shqip". Pasi ka kohe qe te dy jane deklaruar se jane single, nuk i dihet, mund te ndodhe qe, ky aktrim si dy te dashuruar, te shnderrohet edhe ne nje realitet. Ja shikoni reklamen e pare te tyre me poshte!

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