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Monday, 19 May 2014

PALOMA Magazine - 17th May 2014

Revista PALOMA - 17 Maj 2014
VIP headlines of the week in the magazine "Paloma" ( 17 May 2014 )

Lori : "I have not slept with Visar.  Here's why I left the man waiting for me outside ... "
Stresi, heavy slurs and threats towards Mc Kresha
Rosela Gjylbegu hypocrisy and vanity of public life don't work for me. The song "Tash po du",  Stresi has surprised me with his dedication and kindness
Matilda's parents riot: " Big Brother" attempted to divide our daughter from her man! We prayed for the staff to make a surprise, but were declined
Visar to Jona: " I love you ! "
Dren Abazi engagement ring on finger
Lorik Cana - two weddings : the magnificent one in Pristina, intimate in Rome
Besart Kallaku: I am not a musician, I'm a villager. I do videos for fun !
Blero makes surgical intervention in the nose
Nora Istrefi this time as Kim Kardashian
Mergim Doqaj, Albanian supermodel in Sweden
Franco Mulla, Albanian ballet dancer successful in Kane: I have no rival in classical ballet ! The difficult conditions have made Albanian ballerina to be the best
IN & OUT by Fatma Haxhialiu : Valbona Mema , Ami and Ermal, Kida & Mc Kresha ( IN) ; Stress vs. Mc Kresha, Xhesika Berberi , Shpat Kasapi ( OUT )
On Scanner: Conchita and her beard
Same name, different success : Flori Mumajesi & Dr. Flori; Dafina Zeqiri & Dafina Dauti & Dafina Rexhepi ; Shpat Kasapi & Shpat Deda; Ermal Fejzullahu & Ermal Mamaqi; Leonora Jakupi & Leonora Poloska; Sinan Vllasaliu & Sinan Hoxha; Adelina Ismajli & Adelina Tahiri & Adelina Berisha & Adelina Thaci & Adelina Emini ; Rovena Stefa & Rovena Dilo ; Dhurata Dora & Dhurata Ahmetaj
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 17th May 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 17 Maj 2014
VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Panorama Plus" ( 17 May 2014 )

Lori Hoxhallari ( BB7 ) : I expect fame to bring me money
Genta of "BB " shows off her chest
Valeri express feelings to Enkelejd : I fancied you the very first moment!
Ina Rama starts working as a lawyer in a private bank
Kaltrina Selimi appears in public in the first months of pregnancy
Jul Deda, yet with weight problems
Melinda, participant in "American Idol " , plays with sensuality
Teddy Papavrami , 43 - year-old violinist shows muscles
Elisa Spiropali recalls the time when food was scarce but now wears designer labels
Jorida Tabaku's charm dazzles socialist men
MP Albana Vokshi loses half her weight
All in the service of the doctor
Quarrel inside, but outside, laughing
Granit Xhaka announced Honorary Ambassador by President Atifete Jahjaga
Elton Deda: The relationship of rockers with drugs and alcohol
"Kenga Ime" , here is who has sang " Playback "
Row blows up between Stress and Mc Kresha
Sexy girls of art required by politicians
Elvana Gjata : Payment for Albtelekom spot  much less that talked about
Ledri vula denies talks of separation from Angela: We are together !
Kejsi Tola : Conchita deserved victory !
Blero fixes nose with surgery
Vildane Zeneli warms up beaches of Aruba
Nevila Omeri of " BB7 " and enigmatic family history , here's how she ended in orphanage
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Rita Ora, officially "Number 1" in the UK charts again...

Rita Ora, Official Number 1

Rita Ora achieves for the fourth time the top spot in the official UK charts with her ​​latest song "I will never let you down", composed by her boyfriend Calvin Harris. Although she has won this title three times before, she said she still remains surprised by this success and is happy that support by fans continues. The singer is expected this year to publish her second album.
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Rita Ora, serish zyrtarisht "Number 1" ne toplisten britaneze
Rita Ora arrin per te katerten here te ze vendin e pare ne toplisten zyrtare britaneze me kengen e saj te fundit "I will never let you down", te kompozuar nga i dashuri i saj Calvin Harris. Megjithese e ka fituar kete titull tri here me pare, ajo eshte shprehur se ende mbetet e surprizuar me kete sukses dhe eshte e lumtur qe vazhdon te kete perkrahjen e fansave. Kengetarja pritet kete vit te publikoi albumin e saj te dyte.

Rita Ora, Official Number 1 Rita Ora, Official Number 1 Rita Ora, Official Number 1 Rita Ora, Official Number 1

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 17th May 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 17 Maj 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Bluetooth" (17 May 2014)

Inis Gjoni, sexiest girls of Sunday
TV Klan suing moderator for 8.4 million lek; Frangaj trial, Aida Shtino: phone payment, part of the contract!
Valbona Coba expecting twins
Linda Rama pregnant, follows Papavrami with Greg
Arjoni and Viola break up?
Sherri in the spectacle, Fatjoni of "BB7": Katerina forges, will sue in court; Katerina: Fatjoni insulted and violated me
Meridian: Enkelejd held in the game only by his beauty; Jona: You still want a man? Juliana: I'll give you Ardit for a round; Mikela to Valerie: You create intrigues; Jona: I'm 1st; Arditi: Counting starts from 0
Ermal Fejzullahu, a father to the 3rd power
Samanta Karavella, visit to the SOS village
In the cuisine of  Eneda Tarifa
Stress threatens Mc Kresha: I'm coming to your house now!
Erleta Hoti candidate for mp
Bleona: When the pool is yours, you swim naked
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Titujt VIP te javes nga Revista "Bluetooth" (17 Maj 2014)

Inis Gjoni, vajza me seksi e se dieles
TV Klan hedh ne gjyq moderatoren, i kerkon 8.4 milion leke; Gjyqi me Frangajn, Aida Shtino: Pagesa e telefonit, pjese e kontrates!
Valbona Coba pret binjake
Linda Rama shtatzene, ndjek Papavramin me Gregun
Ndahen Arjoni dhe Viola?
Sherri ne spektakel, Fatjoni i "BB7": Katerina shpif, do e hedh ne gjyq; Katerina: Fatjoni me ofendoi dhe me dhunoi
Meridiani: Enkelejdin e mban ne loje vetem bukuria; Jona: Do akoma burre? Juliana: Ta jap nje xhiro Arditin; Mikela, Valerit: Ti ben intriga; Jona: Une jam 1-sh; Arditi: Numerimi nis nga 0
Ermal Fejzullahu, nje baba ne fuqi te 3-te
Samanta Karavella, vizite ne fshatin SOS
Ne kuzhinen e Eneda Tarifes
Stresi kercenon Mc Kreshen: Po vij tek shtepia jote tani!
Erleta Hoti kandidate per deputete
Bleona: Kur pishina eshte e jotja, noton nudo