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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ryva weds in Maldives

Martohet Ryva Kajtazi ne Maldive

Singer Ryva Kajtazi seems to have ended her bachelorette life. She made this known via pictures posted on Instagram, where she is seen wearing a white dress in a private marriage ceremony with her ​​spouse Fidan Rexhepi, with whom she became engaged in December 2012, precisely on a symbolic date 12.12.12. The ceremony took place in Maldives while it seems that creator Flutura Dedinja is the one who took care of her white bridal dress. 
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Martohet Ryva ne Maldive
Kengetarja Ryva Kajtazi duket se i ka dhene fund beqarise. Ajo e ka bere kete te ditur permes fotove te postuara ne Instagram, ku ajo shihet e veshur me fustan te bardhe ne nje ceremoni martesore private me bashkeshortin e saj, Fidan Rexhepi me te cilin ajo u fejua ne dhjetor te vitit 2012, pikerisht me daten simbolike 12.12.12. Ceremonia ka ndodhur ne Ishujt Maldive ndersa thuhet se per fustanin e bardhe te nuserise eshte perkujdesur kreatorja Flutura Dedinja. /Albaflashnews/

Monday, 28 July 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 26th July 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 26 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Panorama Plus" (26 July 2014) 

Franceska Jace, revealed new boyfriend 
Zaho of Rama and Linda born, the 153-th with this name since 1907 
Dj Blunt: Sisters Vjollca, how they attracted me to a new collaboration 
Luzja and Clinton are still together, photos from vacation 
Stresi: I make love like in Hollywood, I keep women in the air 
After the car, Aferdita and Jakub luxury vacation in Las Vegas. Czech millionaire head to heels in love with Albanian Beauty 
Arditi of BB: Julie? I'm too busy to deal with petty things 
Samanta Karavella as girl who seduces partner of someone else: In real life I don't do it ... 
Rezarta, after photographing the whole world, brings a shot of herself with Hera 
Genta Ismajli: In autumn I bring my project of the decade 
Ronela Hayati: I'm single, my attention to school and singing 
"Miss Kosovo" (Morena Taraku) in an accident, accuses the media there for lack of sensitivity
Valbona Selimllari extends hair to look younger
Noizy and Ledri Vulaj forget hostility, sing together in Ulcinj 
Bertina of BB very sexy, but still single 
Marin from "Portokolli" in love, weighs his wife 
Famous rocker (Flame Krelani), burns fire with her ​​body 
Big Mama becomes a bride 
Nick Xhelilaj takes appearance of a traditional Turk, new telenovela ready in autumn 
BB5 winner, Arber Zeka, in relationship with a sexy singer
Here is why our deputies grow fat bellies
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 26th July 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 26 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Bluetooth" (26 July 2014) 

Bamir Topi's daughter marries. Albano Carrisi: Happy to be in the enjoyment of the president. Details of the wedding with the son of a businessman 
Edi Rama becomes father! Linda brings to life Zaho, in Italy 
Zanfina Ismajli: My first time stripping, why not show the beauty! Singer: My love relationship  ended in February! 
VIPs at the beach; Bertina and Franceska hot photos on the beach, Vesa Luma practicing extreme sports: Bertina of BB3, Adelina Tahiri, Vesa Luma, Drini Zeqo & Arjon Mucha, Franceska of BB5,Suada Sheriffi, Venus Lumani, Alketa Vejsiu, Aurela Hoxha, Armina Mevlani, Casey Tola, Nora Istrefi 
Sheila Haxhiraj strips down for the new video
Nora Istrefi instead Tuna in "X Factor" 
Esmeralda Shkjau celebrates 31st anniversary with Rama's flowers 
Olta Gixhari provokes with hot pictures
Arbana Osmani holiday in the village, a picture with a cow 
Aferdita Dreshaj introduces boyfriend to her mother
Albana Osmani makes appeal: Protect yourself from accidents!
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 19th July 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 19 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Panorama Plus" (19 July 2014) 

Olta Gixhari: The secrets of my body lines
Linda Rama: How Edi reacted when he heard the news about my pregnancy, with Krasta a principled debate
Again problems for the new television season for Adi Krasta 
On the eve of her 50-s, Mihrije competese with new singers
Joanna of BB: Katerina tried to take my husband few days before the wedding 
Orinda Huta: With Turi we seriously thinking marriage 
Mira Janji makes erotic video on yacht 
Men could not undress Zajmina nude, but Rezarta Shkurta yes 
Beatrix Ramosaj compared with Kim Kardashian 
Dafina copies Jelena Karleusha
Era Istrefi problems with her breasts, needs urgent intervention 
Tuna and Getty disappoint with video "MMV". Fans: "Your clock stuck with the bird" 
Xhensila: With Besi we had sad childhood, this made us closer
The daughter of former President Topi, hen party with her friends 
Minister Klajda Gjosha appears with rounded lines 
Angela Martini, unbridled sensuality even on the lap of her own brother 
Aferdita Dreshaj receives a "Porsche" from her boyfriend as a gift
Mateus Frroku chills out with a beer "Korca" 
Genta Ismajli reduces breasts about 2 numbers, fans unhappy 
Eranda Libohova, in her second youth
- - - - - - - - - -

Saturday, 19 July 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 19th July 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 19 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Bluetooth" (19 July 2014) 

Erla Mehilli pregnant! After years of relationship with MP Keltis Kruja couple waiting for a baby 
Elvana Gjata: I want to make people kiss! Marriage? Hits are waiting for me! 
VIPs at the beach! Beatrix Ramosaj shocks with sexy lines, Adelina boasts sensual breast: Aurela Hoxha, Kieda Budini Mihrije & Naim, Bleona, Vesa Luma, Elhaida Dani, Argentina vs Mommy
Linda Rama: The truth of "quarrel" between Edi and Adi Krasta 
Noizy to Ledri: Your bride f... by all Saranda
Tuna: The is no competition, they all stick like flies on my windscreen 
Emina Cunmulaj, explosive in a new set 
Majlinda Bregu, this Cinderella of DP 
Erion to Ajola: Happy birthday love! 
Elgit Doda poses with a "bare bow" 
Aferdita Dreshaj's birthday, a "Porsche" as a gift by her boyfriend
Dafina provokes again 
Getoar with a new "look", hair transplant
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, 14 July 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 12th July 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 12 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week by magazine "Panorama Plus" (12 July 2014) 

Rike of "BB", shows off her sexy breast in Ibiza 
Armina Mevlani recounts connection with Shkelzen Berisha: The reason why we kept it secret. Here's how I imagine my marriage! 
Big Brother; Xhuli: Arditi now goes out with Catherina, I recount the great quarrel we've made 
Nora Istrefi in Dhermi without Robert, but surrounded by other men 
Ronela Hayati doesn't feel any need to look sexy on the beach 
Mariza Ikonomi sticks to boys from Kosovo, this time on the beach with Andos 
Dren Abazi, on the beach in the company of an unknown sexy girl
Ndricim Babasi without the politician's suit, appears in a worked out body 
VIPs about football: The world champion according to us will be Germany 
Drini Zeqo spends weekend with "BB"Olsi's ex-girlfriend 
Almeda Abazi shows off her shaped body on the beach
Fjolla Morina makes it hot even in Turkey 
Rita Ora super hot with "Cavalli", thought to have found another love 
Arian Cani unlike previous years, avoids his colleagues on the beach 
Mirjeta Shala, now also topless 
Gjyste Vulaj becomes 37: I will not grow old easily, but there is also botox 
Football talent Thomas Strakosha gets support from "adidas" 
Nick Xhelilaj continues to hide his love relationship
Bushati and Shullaku, on the beach stripped of their elegance in suits, but with a large belly 
Linda Halimi's marriage in crisis in the U.S., but gets American citizenship 
Sheila Haxhiraj provokes again before the publication of her new video 
Ermal Merdani returns to the passion for blondes, appears in public with new girlfriend 
A year after the birth, Eneda still not feeling ready to exhibit her belly
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday, 13 July 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 12th July 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 12 Korrik 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Bluetooth" (12 July 2014) 

Julie of BB7: With Arditi was not a relationship, but only few kisses. It evokes disgust when I remember it! 
Ronela Hajati: I have three years without a boyfriend! Singer: I take my clothes off, but I don't  vulgarise my videos
Linda Rama, the last week of pregnancy, visit to the maternity ward
VIPs at the beach; Emina in Rome with her tycoon. Viola, holiday without Arjoni; Albana Osmani, Ciljeta Xhilaga, Fjolla Morina, Sheila Haxhiraj, Emina Cunmulaj, Genta Ismajli, Eneda Tarifa, Viola Spiro, Nora Istrefi, Rozana Radi, Zanfina Ismajli 
Kaltrina Azizi, charming Albanian in Macedonian Parliament 
Bomb in Gjilan's disco, Vali Corleone under investigation 
Luneda Sufali, director of gambling games gets gift a "cake roulette" 
Here with whom Robert betrays Nora
Zajmina Vasjari sexy "belfie" in Pristina 
Manjola Nallbani sexy in her new video
Morena Taraku makes a tattoo on her chest as Rihanna's
Ami and Ermal, first holidays with Joel
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday, 29 June 2014

PALOMA Magazine - 28th June 2014

Revista PALOMA - 28 Qershor 2014
VIP headlines this week by the magazine "Paloma" (28 June 2014) 

Jona after BB: I've had many proposals for marriage! 
Franceska Jace after experience in the movie "Tirana 14": I will not sell myself for a job! 
Serbian media insult Era Istrefi: The albanian who desecrated serbian church! 
Xhemi Shehu pregnant for the second time 
Eni Jani: I am in a sweet reception 
Dafina and Ledri, erotic action on stage 
Diana Avdiu proposes for marriage to Neymar 
Bleona responds: I did not offer sex to Albania's coach
Eliza Dushku splits from fiance after five years together 
Flori Mumajesi raises tensions in Tirana 
IN & OUT by Fatma Haxhialiu: Miriam Cani, Capital T and Mc Kresha, Ledri and Dafina (IN); Sinan Hoxha, "wolf" of Cerrik, Shpati and Barbana (OUT) 
On Scanner: Mad TV 
What is "they" read in summer: Ami, Adrian Gaxha, Maya, Ledina Celo, Davis Xherahu, Eni Koci
- - - - - - - - - - - -

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 28th June 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 28 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Panorama Plus" (28 June 2014) 

Undresses Jona of Bb: Men love my wilderness 
Ledri prefers Ciljeta, photographed together in the Pub 
Flori Mumajesi raged, erotic games with dancers on stage 
Ermal Mamaqi: I say no to "the goods", in the Lazarat atmosphere. Dr.Flori: How I quit drugs! 
Soni Malaj, a song with composer of tallava hits
After Serbian attacks, the director of Era Istrefi's video reacts
Elita 5 burns Tetovo, thousands of fans in promotion 
Lirita of BB, in the fifth month of pregnancy 
When misses get together: Zana, Marigona, Jessica and Mirjeta 
Rike Roci, holiday in Albania without boyfriend 
Luana Vjollca, begins tv summer adventure with Ledion Lico
Shpetim Saraci appears in form next to Bamir Topi 
Flaka Krelani: Why was I penalized in "Top Fest" 
After separations, Angela Martini and Aferdita Dreshaj in bed with Turi Hyska 
Eni doesn't ask for Greta's prejudice, strips naked 
Lorik Cana, magnificent wedding in Pristina 
Ledina reveals belly of her second pregnancy
Eldora, the thalassemic of BB6, celebrates first anniversary of relationship 
Catherine of BB7: Story with Edber lasted one month, now I'm in the arms of an Italian 
Kaltrina Selimi: My child is a boy, will become a mother in November 
Robert Aliaj: The gays, part of my "48-hour" adventure
- - - - - - - - - - - -

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 28th June 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 28 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Bluetooth" (28 June 2014) 

Arian Cani: Lack of sex education leaving albanians with mental problems. Edi Rama, the most boring character in my studio. 
Eni Koci: I've decided to reveal the motive of my life. I've graduated with average 9, will major in medicine! You will not see me in festivals, they judge unfairly
Lorik Cana marries! Wedding of the footballer in Pristina 
VIPs at the beach,  Adelina on chaise long with mysterious boy, Joanna and Katerina become friends:  Adelina Tahiri, Venera Lumani, Aferdita Dreshaj, Aurela Hoxha, Franceska Jace, Olta Gixhari, Diana Avdiu, Arbana Osmani, Era Istrefi, Mariza Ikonomi, Joanna and Katerina, Eliza Dushku ... 
After three goals, Xherdani in night life with Kosovo model 
Arvizu "flirts" times with Rama and times with Blushi 
Secret vacations of Nora Isterfi. Singer relaxes in luxury resorts, keeps secret the place 
Alberia treading on dollars 
Revealed hot photos of Anjeza Branka 
Flori Mumajesi raises tensions in Tirana, hot scenes with ballerinas in the concert
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 14th June 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 14 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Panorama Plus" (14 June 2014)

Zajmina, provocative touch and hashish leaves in new project
Missing; The girl in Aida Shtinos show: I am the daughter of Mimoza Selimi, I've been threatened with life not to speak
Big Brother; Valerie: After the "Big Brother", the next plan, involvement in politics
Burst contention between singers for nude appearances, Nora says to Dafina: I was first!
Joana BB6 celebrates 28th anniversary cake from friends with Kamasutra positions
The BB7's Enkelejd relish fame next to the woman who came back from the U.S.
Viola and Esterina test in public the duo as velina of the "Fiks Fare"
Edberi after separation from Arbenita, in the company of Catherine of BB7
Mariza Ikonomi next to Capital T, reveals her sensuality for the first time after 20 years
Ardit Gjebrea, family and romantic man
Ciljeta Xhilaga: Two of my relationships broke down when I made them public
Kaltrina Selimi shoots a new video, pregnant and very sexy
Genta resentful towards Videofest, says no to participation
Klodiana Shala appear everywhere in the company of model Afrim Alia
Delfina Aziri, revealed new images from "Playboy"'s bunny girl
Endri Prifti rebels after Soni Malaj wins "Top Fest"
Philip Cakuli declares: "The man is killed by man", readers criticize
Eranda LIBOHOVA: After five years I return hot
Flori "narcist" in the new clip, a girl involved in accident for his love
Viola Spiro left "Fiks Fare" and Arjon, but he insists they are together
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday, 15 June 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 14th June 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 14 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Bluetooth" (14 June 2014)

Zajmina Vasjari: I'll tell you things that I love. Singer: I have no plans, either for vacation or for marriage!
Cult Awards, Rudina & Xhemi, avoid the red carpet. Who makes Eni Cobani with her head bowed. Prize "Happy couple" for Ami and Ermal. Rosie Radi and Olti Curri, these friends and rivals
Elvana Gjata, childhood photos revealed
Dafina Zeqiri poses nude, fans shocked
World Championship, who for VIPs cheer, Dasara with Germany, Shkelzen with Brazil; Enkel Demi, Aurela Hoxha, Dasara Malltezi, Shkëlzen Berisha, Gent Hazizaj, Eno Popi, Sonila Meco, Erkand Qerimaj, Aferdita Dreshaj, Mand Peza
"Tirana '14" reveals the "unwashed" of TVs? Director: Who feels the heat, let it hold!
Anila & Arditi, happy as in the first day
Orgesa, when she was small
The debate in parliament, reacts Ciljeta: I thank the Prime Minister Berisha!
Flori, "machine" that produces only hits
Arditi & Juliana: We've not separated, jealous ex-residents, slander for us
A "selfie" unlike Getoar Selimi
Aurela Gace repulsed, interfere in her private life
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aferdita seeks media attention as Nora Istrefi!

Aferdita Dreshaj vs Nora Istrefi

Nora Istrefi's dress in Videofest 2014, made headlines in the media as being copied from Beyonce, although everyone knows that a similar dress is worn not only by her but also by many other world stars, who simply follow the trend. Apparently, this media attention given to Nora, was very much liked by model and singer Aferdita Dreshaj, who just posted a picture of her in a similar dress, with caption "So long ago ... but I guess still IN!", maybe just being ironic, and which we understood it slightly differently, as if she is seeking media attention as that given to Nora Istrefi. And behold, this is what we just did, Aferdita!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Genta, close to 1 million likes, gets verified on Facebook

Genta me logari te verifikuar ne Facebook

Singer Genta Ismajli, who has been lately enjoying the success of her latest musical project "Feel", in collaboration with Dj Dalool and Ardian Bujupi, managed to collect close to 1 million facebook likes and after Rita Ora, is amongst the first albanian artists to have a verified facebook account, shown with a blue tick alongside her name.
- - - - - - - - - - -

Genta, me afer 1 milion pelqime, verifikohet ne Facebook
Kengetarja Genta Ismajli, e cila keto dite po shijon suksesin e projektit te saj me te fundit muzikor "Feel", ne bashkepunim me Dj Dalool dhe Ardian Bujupin, ka arritur te mbledhe afer 1 milion pelqime ne Facebook dhe pas Rita Ores, eshte nje nder te parat artiste shqiptare me logari te verifikuar ne rrjetin social Facebook, e shenuar me nje "tick" blu perkrah emrit te saj. /Albaflashnews/

Lo and behold, Sadbere is coming ...

Sadbere Mehmeti - Nje Si Ti

A new summer song entitled "Nje si ti", that is receiving numerous likes, comes from the new singer from Kosovo, Sadbere Mehmeti. The 24-year-old who lives in Germany, was one of the Albanians who took part in the competition "Germany seeks a star" (DSDS 2014). The song is composed by Zzap & Chriss, with lyrics by Rozana Radi, while the visualisation has been done by kosovar video production "Urban Graphics". Sadbere, with her beautiful look and voice, no doubt represents a novelty with a very strong entry in Albanian music market.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Elvana, "turning into" a Jennifer Lopez

Reading the comments of foreigners on Elvana's Youtube videos, yes she is being listened by foreigners too, comes to focus their common comment that she looks like the world famous singer Jennifer Lopez. And certainly they're not that wrong as in the past years, Elvana Gjata being more mature in age, has undergone changes in her physique, approaching the very image of Jennifer Lopez, as you can see in the photo. In recent news, she has managed to be on the cover of a known international magazine and we wish that, this talented albanian singer, apart from looks, achieves the success similar to that of Latin American singer.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

PALOMA Magazine - 7th June 2014

Revista PALOMA - 7 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of this week by magazine "Paloma" (7 June 2014)

Miriam Cani publishes new video "My Rain": There will be wedding this end of year!
Valeri of Big Brother: Before, the highlanders fancied me, now I'm their eye light
Julie and Arditi: Our plans for the holidays and wedding ... Money we would taste together, but would not share with each other
Big Mama's scandal: "My ovaries are out of tune, help me?"
Ervin Sinjari of BB associated with the former girlfriend of Britain's Prince Harry
Jonida Vokshi presents Digitalb's 10th anniversary with a hand in plaster
"Netet e Klipit Shqiptar" Leonora triumphs
Dafina Zeqiri provokes with her bottom and topless photos
Enemy inside "Big Brother", friends outdoors, Jona ends "war" with Viola and Katherina
Ulpiana Lama brings for public a journalistic book "We did it". During promotion, "quipped" her journalist colleagues: "Do not panic, this is not a book about my afternoon programme"
"Music Videofest 2014", revealed nominations
IN & OUT, by Fatma Haxhialiu: Besa Kokedhima, Elvana Gjata, Ledina Celo (IN); Silvi Dollapi, Heidi Lushtaku, Bleona Qereti (OUT)
On Scanner: Big Brother
"June 1" for public personalities: Elvana Gjata, Orgesa Zaimi, Flori Mumajesi, Ilda Bejleri, Fatma Haxhialiu, Ermal Fejzullahu, Enxhi Nasufi, Aurela Gace, Marina and Luana Vjollca, Armina Mevlani
- - - - - - - - - - -

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 7th June 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 7 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week by Magazine "Panorama Plus" (7 June 2014)

Elvana: Flori, dear man even outside music
Nevila Omeri: I save virginity as sacred, its worth more than 100 million
Julie and Arditi: cohabitation, the next plan, but marriage too
Dr.Flori changes his mind after disappointment for the Left, song for Tahiri's cops
Jona: Nevila won the prize very easy, she did nothing to deserve it
Meridian touches Valeri provocatively
Ledri & Dafina back in the arms of one another
Vangjush Dako and Rama? Better to sit in a cafe
Resurfaced Ina Rama
Rama something is "hatching" behind Meta's back
Prime Minister as kidney amidst fat
And Dash Shehi what's about with Rama?
Ciljeta replies to Rama: Proud that I sang for NATO
LGBT's Karaj Jenny shows her sensual side
Ledion Lico: I prefer strange songs in "Top Fest"
Nora Istrefi: A part of our intimate relationship shared with fans
"Netet e Klipit Shqiptar" Leonora triumphs with "Cika e kojshise"
Ervin BB4's girlfriend, in a sexual scandal with Prince Harry
Sting comes out with girlfriend
Enca Haxhia shows off her graces
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 7th June 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 7 Qershor 2014

VIP headlines of the week by Magazine "Bluetooth" (7 June 2014) 

Nevila of BB7: Calls to Samir Tahiri, soon in the police. The winner of the reality show: I'll buy a house in Laprake, I dream for a family 
"Netet e Klipit Shqiptar" triumphs Leonora Jakupi
A girl has an accident for Flori
Gent Strazimiri relieves stress by diving in the sea 
Viola & Esterina, future velina of "Fiks Fare"? 
"Instead of farewell" by Eraldo Rexho 
Gala reception of "Digitalb" Palace of Brigades transformed, VIPs shine 
Lorik Cana, wedding this weekend 
On the eve of the final, Soni Malaj covered with scarf 
Gjebrea a weekend with Meta and Arvizu 
"Music Videofest", revealed the nominations. Important gala in Kosovo, this year as capital picked city of Gjakova
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Elvana Gjata for Velvet Magazine June 2014, behind the scenes...

Velvet Magazine June 2014 / Behind the Scenes
Starring Elvana Gjata
Photographed by Eugenio Qose
Art Director & Stylist: Ameni Shafik
Location Scouting: Alessandro Cataldo
Assistant: Mohamed Shafik
Elvana Gjata for Elvana Gjata for Elvana Gjata for Elvana Gjata for

Monday, 2 June 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 31st May 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 31 Maj 2014
VIP headlines of the week in magazine " Panorama Plus " ( 31 May 2014 )

Franceska : I found the ideal man ! New super sexy photos
Nevila of SOS village wins 100 million in "Big Brother 7 "
Armina Mevlani : How I managed to regain my ideal form
"Top Fest 11" , victory between Soni and Xhensila, here are the songs that are most clicked so far
Nora Istrefi criticized, Serbian media : "Albanian that removes it all "
Elvana Gjata this time appear as sexy african
Summer strips women of the screen, they compete with sensuality
Salsano Rapi: Life begins at age 40, but in between , then 20 years old then
After separation, Zanfina Ismajli prepares the next surprise
SP's MP congratulates Noizy's daughter
Weekends as a family of Ridvan Bode
" Miss Albania " , for the first time outside the borders , in the Castle of Ulcinj
Kastriot Caushi distracted by the girl uniforms
Arjon Muca : I am not separated from Viola , I removed the photos that were published because we had a brawl
Rita Ora speaks albanian in Switzerland
Sheila Haxhiraj provoking in bikini in the pool
Lori of " BB7 " turns passion to undressing , this time on the beach
Arbana Osmani close to the sexiest woman in the world , Irina Shayk
Blerim Destani: I tasted drama and action in the movie " Harms "
In the match Kosovo - Senegal , appears Adelina Ismajli
Finalist of " Miss Switzerland " , Heidi Lushtaku , goes into music , makes a song with Genc Prelvukaj
Bujar Qamili: I withdraw from the race in "Kenga Ime"
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 31st May 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 31 Maj 2014

Headlines of the week VIP Magazine "Bluetooth" (31 May 2014)

Bleona: I am separated from Gani, he will always be my family
Fate Velaj, "rescue operation" in Karaburn
Big Brother 7: Wins Nevila!
Visar: I am the winner of "BB7"! Competitor from Kosovo: I have no interest at all in Lori!
Inva Mula, lady with class
Fatmir Mejdiu asking for help before speech
Group NA: We want a prize in "Top Fest"
VIPs on the beach: Eranda Libohova, Besi & Xhensila, Viola Spiro, Adrola Dushi, Armina Mevlani, Nora Istrefi, Aurela Hoxha, Elina Duni
"Miss Albania", here are the 31 girls who were selected for the grand finale
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Elvana Gjata, shining in "Velvet" magazine

Elvana Gjata, ne kopertine e revistes "Velvet" Qershor 2014

In the style of a sexy Afro-American of 90s dressed in sweamwear, Albanian singer Elvana Gjata shines and comes very "hot" inside and on the cover of the italian magazine "Velvet" in the June issue (international english edition). A good opportunity to promote herself in the international market and for this, the singer has thanked the magazine on Twitter. Photos are shot by renowned fashion photographer Eugenio Qose, who was born in Albania but lives in Italy.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

photo: eugenio qose

Sunday, 25 May 2014

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 24th May 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 24 Maj 2014

Headlines of the week VIP Magazine "Bluetooth" (24 May 2014) 

Arian Cani French kiss with model. Revealed the backstage of comedy "Tirana 14", here are the most erotic scenes 
Joanna: I reconciled with Anaid, in september wedding with Jani. After marriage time for a baby. Will live in Greece! 
Franceska brings the heat 
Enkelejd of BB7: Girls hunt for me, but do not wish to cheat wife. I expect offers for movies or shows, otherwise the return to mortar 
"Miss Albania" selection begins 
Stres about floods: Lord retorted Serbia! 
Juliana Pasha birthday with artist friends 
Dren Abazi shows at night as "king" 
Arditi to Valerie: Malesia not proud of you 
Arditi: Meridian is forgetting fiancee for Jona, he even kissed Viola
Quarrel between Jona and Arditi, she's spit on him
Arditi threatens Visar: Will not let you live in Kosovo! 
Jona: No love between Arditi and Juliana 
"RockStock Festival" Day of friendship brings together "Albatross" and "3 Musketier". Comes to Tirana former vocalist of "Deep Purple", Glenn Hughes
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, 19 May 2014

PALOMA Magazine - 17th May 2014

Revista PALOMA - 17 Maj 2014
VIP headlines of the week in the magazine "Paloma" ( 17 May 2014 )

Lori : "I have not slept with Visar.  Here's why I left the man waiting for me outside ... "
Stresi, heavy slurs and threats towards Mc Kresha
Rosela Gjylbegu hypocrisy and vanity of public life don't work for me. The song "Tash po du",  Stresi has surprised me with his dedication and kindness
Matilda's parents riot: " Big Brother" attempted to divide our daughter from her man! We prayed for the staff to make a surprise, but were declined
Visar to Jona: " I love you ! "
Dren Abazi engagement ring on finger
Lorik Cana - two weddings : the magnificent one in Pristina, intimate in Rome
Besart Kallaku: I am not a musician, I'm a villager. I do videos for fun !
Blero makes surgical intervention in the nose
Nora Istrefi this time as Kim Kardashian
Mergim Doqaj, Albanian supermodel in Sweden
Franco Mulla, Albanian ballet dancer successful in Kane: I have no rival in classical ballet ! The difficult conditions have made Albanian ballerina to be the best
IN & OUT by Fatma Haxhialiu : Valbona Mema , Ami and Ermal, Kida & Mc Kresha ( IN) ; Stress vs. Mc Kresha, Xhesika Berberi , Shpat Kasapi ( OUT )
On Scanner: Conchita and her beard
Same name, different success : Flori Mumajesi & Dr. Flori; Dafina Zeqiri & Dafina Dauti & Dafina Rexhepi ; Shpat Kasapi & Shpat Deda; Ermal Fejzullahu & Ermal Mamaqi; Leonora Jakupi & Leonora Poloska; Sinan Vllasaliu & Sinan Hoxha; Adelina Ismajli & Adelina Tahiri & Adelina Berisha & Adelina Thaci & Adelina Emini ; Rovena Stefa & Rovena Dilo ; Dhurata Dora & Dhurata Ahmetaj
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 17th May 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 17 Maj 2014
VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Panorama Plus" ( 17 May 2014 )

Lori Hoxhallari ( BB7 ) : I expect fame to bring me money
Genta of "BB " shows off her chest
Valeri express feelings to Enkelejd : I fancied you the very first moment!
Ina Rama starts working as a lawyer in a private bank
Kaltrina Selimi appears in public in the first months of pregnancy
Jul Deda, yet with weight problems
Melinda, participant in "American Idol " , plays with sensuality
Teddy Papavrami , 43 - year-old violinist shows muscles
Elisa Spiropali recalls the time when food was scarce but now wears designer labels
Jorida Tabaku's charm dazzles socialist men
MP Albana Vokshi loses half her weight
All in the service of the doctor
Quarrel inside, but outside, laughing
Granit Xhaka announced Honorary Ambassador by President Atifete Jahjaga
Elton Deda: The relationship of rockers with drugs and alcohol
"Kenga Ime" , here is who has sang " Playback "
Row blows up between Stress and Mc Kresha
Sexy girls of art required by politicians
Elvana Gjata : Payment for Albtelekom spot  much less that talked about
Ledri vula denies talks of separation from Angela: We are together !
Kejsi Tola : Conchita deserved victory !
Blero fixes nose with surgery
Vildane Zeneli warms up beaches of Aruba
Nevila Omeri of " BB7 " and enigmatic family history , here's how she ended in orphanage
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rita Ora, officially "Number 1" in the UK charts again...

Rita Ora, Official Number 1

Rita Ora achieves for the fourth time the top spot in the official UK charts with her ​​latest song "I will never let you down", composed by her boyfriend Calvin Harris. Although she has won this title three times before, she said she still remains surprised by this success and is happy that support by fans continues. The singer is expected this year to publish her second album.
- - - - - - - - - - 

Rita Ora, serish zyrtarisht "Number 1" ne toplisten britaneze
Rita Ora arrin per te katerten here te ze vendin e pare ne toplisten zyrtare britaneze me kengen e saj te fundit "I will never let you down", te kompozuar nga i dashuri i saj Calvin Harris. Megjithese e ka fituar kete titull tri here me pare, ajo eshte shprehur se ende mbetet e surprizuar me kete sukses dhe eshte e lumtur qe vazhdon te kete perkrahjen e fansave. Kengetarja pritet kete vit te publikoi albumin e saj te dyte.

Rita Ora, Official Number 1 Rita Ora, Official Number 1 Rita Ora, Official Number 1 Rita Ora, Official Number 1

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 17th May 2014

Revista BLUETOOTH - 17 Maj 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Bluetooth" (17 May 2014)

Inis Gjoni, sexiest girls of Sunday
TV Klan suing moderator for 8.4 million lek; Frangaj trial, Aida Shtino: phone payment, part of the contract!
Valbona Coba expecting twins
Linda Rama pregnant, follows Papavrami with Greg
Arjoni and Viola break up?
Sherri in the spectacle, Fatjoni of "BB7": Katerina forges, will sue in court; Katerina: Fatjoni insulted and violated me
Meridian: Enkelejd held in the game only by his beauty; Jona: You still want a man? Juliana: I'll give you Ardit for a round; Mikela to Valerie: You create intrigues; Jona: I'm 1st; Arditi: Counting starts from 0
Ermal Fejzullahu, a father to the 3rd power
Samanta Karavella, visit to the SOS village
In the cuisine of  Eneda Tarifa
Stress threatens Mc Kresha: I'm coming to your house now!
Erleta Hoti candidate for mp
Bleona: When the pool is yours, you swim naked
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Titujt VIP te javes nga Revista "Bluetooth" (17 Maj 2014)

Inis Gjoni, vajza me seksi e se dieles
TV Klan hedh ne gjyq moderatoren, i kerkon 8.4 milion leke; Gjyqi me Frangajn, Aida Shtino: Pagesa e telefonit, pjese e kontrates!
Valbona Coba pret binjake
Linda Rama shtatzene, ndjek Papavramin me Gregun
Ndahen Arjoni dhe Viola?
Sherri ne spektakel, Fatjoni i "BB7": Katerina shpif, do e hedh ne gjyq; Katerina: Fatjoni me ofendoi dhe me dhunoi
Meridiani: Enkelejdin e mban ne loje vetem bukuria; Jona: Do akoma burre? Juliana: Ta jap nje xhiro Arditin; Mikela, Valerit: Ti ben intriga; Jona: Une jam 1-sh; Arditi: Numerimi nis nga 0
Ermal Fejzullahu, nje baba ne fuqi te 3-te
Samanta Karavella, vizite ne fshatin SOS
Ne kuzhinen e Eneda Tarifes
Stresi kercenon Mc Kreshen: Po vij tek shtepia jote tani!
Erleta Hoti kandidate per deputete
Bleona: Kur pishina eshte e jotja, noton nudo

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Roza Lati makes "bearded woman"

Roza Lati ben "Conchita"-n

Conchita Wurst, he or she who won Eurosong 2014, with the presentation as a bearded woman, to many people, has left mixed feelings, and numerous controversies. It seems as if this phenomenon has left impressions with charming presenter, Roza Lati, who has decided to try herself as such woman. Conchita's beard brought huge luck to her in Eurovision, while we waiting to see what will this beard bring to Roza, apart from big laughter by fans.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Roza Lati ben "femren me mjeker"
Conchita Wurst, ai apo ajo qe fitoi Eurosongun 2014, me paraqitjen si nje femer me mjeker, tek shume njerez, ka lene ndjesi te perziera dhe polemika te shumta. Duket sikur ky fenomen i ka lene mbresa edhe prezantueses simpatike, Roza Lati, e cila ka vendosur ta provoj veten si nje femer e tille. Conchites mjekra i solli shume fat ne Eurosong, ndersa presim te shohim se cfare do i sjell Rozes mjekra e saj, pervec te qeshurave te shumta nga fansat.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blendi Fevziu trendy, with no hair and no socks

Blendi Fevziu ne kopertinen "Elegance" Maj 2014

Here we have the mighty one of our television screen, the well known TV moderator Blendi Fevziu, who shows his taste in clothes for the cover of the magazine "Elegance" in its latest May issue. Moderator, among other, brings a unique story inside, in his Silver Jubilee of his career with a new set of photographs like this.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Blendi Fevziu ndjek moden, pa floke dhe pa corape
Ja ku e kemi te fortin e ekranit televiziv, moderatorin e njohur Blendi Fevziu, i cili tregon shijen e tij te veshjes per kopertinen e revistes "Elegance", ne numrin e saj te fundit te muajit Maj. Moderatori, mes tjerash, sjell nje rrefim unik ne Jubileun e Argjendte te karrieres se tij me nje set te ri fotografish si kjo. /Albaflashnews/

Gjira takes up cycling

Gjira Kajtazi ne biciklete

Handsome rebel of music world, singer Gjira Kajtazi, dressed in her special style, "(G)jeans" and trainers, combines well with her ​​bike too, with which she decided to do a city "Giro" (tour). The singer is expected to return soon in a collaboration with her ​​close friend, Argjentina Ramosaj, while she has in finishing her first album.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Gjira ben nje "gjiro" me biciklete
Rrebelja simpatike e skenes muzikore, kengetarja Gjira Kajtazi, e veshur ne stilin e saj te vecante, "gjinse" dhe patika, kombinohet mire edhe me bicikleten e saj, me te cilen ajo vendosi ti bej nje "gjiro" qytetit. Kengetarja pritet te rikthehet se shpejti me nje bashkepunim me shoqen e saj te ngushte, Argjentina Ramosaj, ndersa ka ne perfundim e siper edhe albumin e saj te pare. /Albaflashnews/

Singer Ganja alongside Maksi as presenter in "Celesi Muzikor 8"...

Ganja dhe Maxi, bashkeprezantues ne "Celesi Muzikor 8"

An event like no other time with guests and above all with a super setup is already in the last details to come in the evening of 15 May. It is about the festival 'Celesi Muzikor 8' , where during the day of Monday, 3 days before the big final, the organizers have brought great detail from the presenters to the finalists of this night. Below you can read all surprises and details of this event .
The final night of the Festival ' Celesi Muzikor 8', to be held on May 15, 2014 , at the National Theatre of Gjilan, in live broadcast by ZICO TV.
From 19:00h begins the red carpet parade, and festival starts from 20:00h.
The hosts of the festival are singer Ganimete Abazi GANJA and presenter Maxim Gjokaj.
The festival this year is supported by the Municipality of Gjilan and Decan.
Songs proclaimed the winner of two main awards: Grand Prix PopFolk and Grand Prix Modern, will also win a music video by two video productions from Kosovo, ASHA and IMAGINE.
The Junior category is back this year.
Scroll further down for list of finalists.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Këngëtarja Ganja prezanton përkrah Maksit ‘Celësin Muzikor 8’, ja finalistët
Një event si asnjë herë tjetër me të ftuar dhe mbi të gjitha me një super organizim tashmë është në detajet e fundit për të ardhur në mbrëmjen e 15 Majit. Fjala është për festivalin ‘Celësi Muzikor 8’, ku gjatë ditës së hënë 3 ditë para finales së madhe organizatorët kanë sjellë detaje që nga prezantuesit e deri te finalistët e kësaj nate. Më poshtë vijnë të gjithë suprizat dhe hollësitë për këtë event.
Nata finale e Festivalit 'ÇELËSI MUZIKOR 8', mbahet me 15 Maj 2014, në sallën e Teatrit Kombëtar të Gjilanit, në transmetim të drejtëpërdrejt në ZICO TV HD.
Nga ora 19:00 fillon parakalimi në Tepihun e Kuq, kurse festivali fillon nga ora 20:00.
Nikoqirë janë këngëtarja Ganimete Abazi GANJA dhe prezantuesi Maksim Gjokaj.
Ky festival këtë vit mbështetet nga Komuna e Gjilanit dhe Komuna e Deçanit.
Këngët të cilat shpallen fituese të dy Çmimeve Kryesore: Çmimi i Madh PopFolk dhe Çmimi i Madh Moderne, fitojnë nga një videoklip nga dy produksionet kosovare ASHA dhe IMAGINE.
Këtë vit rikthehet prapë edhe kategoria për Junior
Finalistët janë këta: 

Ami and Ermal, partners in life and business

Ermali dhe Ami ne "Jo vetem mode"

So is the next title which is presented in the show "Jo vetem mode" on RTV Klan, with Floriana Garo, where a nice summary is presented of the life of the two very beloved characters of our TV screen, Ami and Ermal, who not only that are successful in their careers, but have known and managed to beautifully combine art, family and business. For more, we invite you to follow the video below!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ami dhe Ermali, partnere ne jete dhe biznes
Keshtu eshte titulli i radhes qe eshte prezantuar ne emisionin "Jo vetem mode" te RTV Klan, me Floriana Garon, ku ne nje permbledhje te bukur eshte paraqitur jeta e dy personazheve shume te dashur te ekranit, Amit dhe Ermalit, te cilet jo vetem se jane te suksesshem ne karrierat e tyre, por kane ditur dhe arritur qe te nderthurin bukur artin, familjen dhe biznesin. Per me shume, ju ftojme te ndiqni videon me poshte!

Ami dhe Ermali Ami dhe Ermali Ami dhe Ermali Ami dhe Ermali

Monday, 12 May 2014

Morena, here's how she expresses love to her parent

Morena, perqafon forte babain e saj

This is the beautiful model, Morena Taraku, who not while ago also debuted on the music scene. While here we have a picture, a bit strange though, but with a sincere message: "You were the only one! You who in every step of my life were all that was ever missing ... Love you Dad." No doubt, her father has always been a great support for her, both financially and spiritually, but it seems as if the father has also a good support from her daughter, even as unexpected as this, from behind.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Morena, ja si e shpreh dashurine ndaj prindit
Kjo eshte modelja e bukur, Morena Taraku, e cila pak kohe me pare debutoi edhe ne skenen muzikore. Ndersa ketu kemi nje foto, paksa te cuditshme, por me nje mesazh te sinqerte: "Ishe i vetmi Ti! Ti qe ne cdo hap te jetes time ishe gjithcka qe me mungonte... Love you Dad!". Nuk ka dyshim, babai i saj ka qene gjithmone nje mbeshtetje e madhe per te, si financiarisht ashtu edhe shpirterisht, por duket sikur edhe babai e ka nje mbeshtetje te mire nga vajza, qofte edhe e papritur si kjo nga mbrapa. /Albaflashnews/

Ermal, playful morning with his kids

Ermali me evladat e vet

A playful morning in Fejzullahu family: "Good morning! Me and my kids, the best in the world", writes Ermal Fejzullahu on Instagram. Probably for Art, Buna and Era, Ermal is no doubt, the best father in the world too, who besides successful career in music, has also created a very beautiful family indeed, together with his wife Ariana.
- - - - - - - - -

Ermali, kenaqet ne mengjes me evladat e vet
Nje mengjes lozonjar ne familjen Fejzullahu: "Miremengjesi! Une me evladat e mi ma te mire ne bote", shkruan Ermal Fejzullahu ne Instagram. Mesiguri qe edhe per Artin, Bunen dhe Eren, Ermali pa dyshim qe duhet te jete babai me i mire ne bote, i cili pervec karrieres se suksesshme ne muzike, ka krijuar edhe nje familje vertete shume te bukur, se bashku me bashkeshorten e tij Arianen.