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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Aferdita Dreshaj, escort or girlfriend of Jakub?

Aferdita Dreshaj dhe Jakub Kindl

Although she constantly denies being in relationship with the czech hockey player, Jakub Kindl, the latter is constantly posting pictures with beauty Aferdita Dreshaj, some even in intimate moments and brimming with love messages. If she is not his girlfriend, then she gets to be an escort girl then!
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Aferdita Dreshaj, eskort apo e dashura e Jakubit?
Ndonese ajo vazhdimisht mohon se eshte ne lidhje me hokeistin cek, Jakub Kindl, ky i dyti vazhdimisht poston foto me bukuroshen Aferdita Dreshaj, madje disa edhe ne momente intime dhe perplot mesazhe dashurie. Nese nuk eshte e dashura e tij, atehere i bie te jete nje vajze eskorti pra!

Takimi per Shen Valentin

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