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Friday, 27 September 2013

Franceska sexy, even with clothes on

Franceska, sexy in jeans
She has been commented quite alot recently, for sexy curves she has exhibited, times in her bikini on the beach and times before the cameras of professional photographers. This time Franceska comes with pictures where she appears attractive without needing to undress. Dressed in jeans and a simple white shirt, the former Big Brother protagonist shows that she knows to seduce in other ways too.
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Franceska, seksi edhe kur eshte e veshur
Eshte komentuar mjaft koheve te fundit, per linjat seksi qe ajo i ka ekspozuar ne bikini her ne plazh e her para kamerave te fotografeve profesioniste. Kesaj radhe Franceska vjen me foto ku ajo shfaqet atraktive pa pasur nevoje qe te zhvishet. E veshur ne xhinse dhe nje bluze te thjeshte te bardhe, ish-protagonistja e Big Brother tregon se di te josh edhe ne menyra tjera.

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