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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Old man in his chariot, conflicts with urban cars...

Plaku me karroce
Old Man in this picture, from some town in Kosovo seems to have had enough with blokes in cars that come too near to his horse carriage, that he's gone to the point to express anger with a mega board that writes: "Do not get near me. I too, wish to have a Mercedes as you". Of course, till all aspects of traffic are regulated by law, who, where and how is allowed to use public roads, there will always be conflicts like this.
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Plaku: Mos mu afroni ngat se jav q* robt...
Plaku ne foto, nga nje qytet ne Kosove, duket sikur eshte ngopur nga haverat me makina qe i afrohen teper karroces se tij me kuaj, saqe ka shkuar deri ne ate pike ta shprehi mllefin me nje mega tabele shkrimi qe lexon: "Mos mu afroni ngat. Edhe une kam qef me pas Mercedes sikur ju...". Natyrisht, derisa te rregullohet mire me ligj cdo aspekt i komunikacionit, kush, ku dhe si do i shfrytezojne rruget publike, do kete gjithmone konflikte te ketij lloji.

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