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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rita Ora feeling better, after hospitalisation...

Rita Ora gjate dhe pas kolapsit ne Miami
As was reported earlier, Rita has collapsed during a photo shoot in Miami, for Madonna's clothing line "Material Girl". According to the explanation of the hospital doctor David Farcy of "Mount Sinai", Rita was treated for exhaustion and dehydration. Thereafter, she was discharged from hospital and her doctor told, she is now well. It is still not known exactly how it came to this collapse, but as she was leaving hospital Rita has given fans and present photographers a big smile, confirming that she now feels better.
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Rita Ora ndjehet mire, pas hospitalizimit...
Sic eshte raportuar me heret, Rita ka kolapsuar gjate nje fotosesioni ne Miami, per linjen e veshjeve "Material Girl" te Madones. Sipas shpjegimit te mjekut David Farcy te spitalit "Mount Sinai", Rita eshte trajtuar per rraskapitje dhe dehidrim. Me pas, ajo eshte leshuar nga spitali dhe sic tha mjeku i saj, ajo eshte ne gjendje te mire. Ende nuk dihet saktesisht se si erdhi deri tek ky kolaps, por Rita pas daljes nga spitali i ka dhene nje buzeqeshje te madhe fansave dhe fotoreportereve te pranishem, duke konfirmuar se ajo tani ndjehet mire. /Albaflashnews/

Rita Ora pas spitalit
Rita recovering, pictured on her hotel balcony

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