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Friday, 8 November 2013

The newest feminine product "Pickla"

"Pickla" nga Vizatime Shqip

The history of animated film in Albania traces back from 1975 and is dedicated mainly to children and youths. In fact, Albania organizes every year the international festival "Rozafa AnimFest" dedicated to this cinematography genre. But these days we are witnessing a daring initiative, animated film for adults, in the style of the American television series "South Park" where the language used is crude and uncensored. Here we bring you an animated episode from the company called "Vizatime Shqip" which opened an official channel on Youtube where they have posted their latest works. Note, due to the language used, this is not recommended for children.

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Produkti me i ri shqiptar per femra "Pickla"
Historia e filmit te animuar ne Shqiperi daton qe nga viti 1975 dhe kryesisht i eshte dedikuar femijeve dhe te rinjeve. Ne fakt Shqiperia organizon cdo vjet festivalin nderkombetar "Rozafa AnimFest" qe i dedikohet ketij zhanri kinematografik. Por keto dite jemi deshmitar te nje nisme te guximshme, filmit te animuar per te rritur, ne stilin e serialit televiziv amerikan "South Park" ku perdoret gjuhe banale dhe e pacensuruar. Ju sjellim ketu nje episode te animuar nga kompania e ashtuquajtur "Vizatime Shqip" te cilet kane hapur nje kanal zyrtar ne Youtube ku kane postuar punimet e tyre te fundit. Veni re, per shkak te gjuhes se perdorur, nuk preferohet per femije.

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