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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Will Ronela Hajati be excluded from "Magic Song"?

Ronela Hajati tek "Kenga Magjike"
Singer Ronela Hajati, came very strong this year to "Magic Song" with the song "Mos ma lsho", a creation made ​​by Elgit Doda, with text by the singer herself. But, although the song has become a hit and is favored, there are other voices that say that the song is stolen from the original version "Watch out for this (Bumaye)" of Major Lazer. You are invited to follow the two versions and to see if the song is actually stolen or not. Already this year we witnessed an exclusion, where Besa Breca singer was penalised for stealing her song "Ndjenjat nuk kane kufij", a work of Fabian Asllani.

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A do te perjashtohet Ronela Hajati nga "Kenga Magjike"?

Kengetarja Ronela Hajati, ka ardhur mjaft fuqishem kete vit tek "Kenga Magjike" me kengen "Mos ma lsho", nje krijim i realizuar nga Elgit Doda me tekst nga vete kengetarja. Por, megjithese kenga eshte shnderruar ne nje hit dhe po pelqehet, ka zera tjere qe thone se kenga eshte e vjedhur nga verzioni origjinal "Watch out for this (Bumaye)" te Major Lazer. Ju ftojme te ndiqni te dy verzionet dhe te shifni nese kenga eshte vertete e vjedhur apo jo. Kete vit vecse ishim deshmitar te nje perjashtimi, ku kengetarja Besa Breca u ndeshkua per kengen e saj te vjedhur "Ndjenjat nuk kane kufij", nje komponim nga Fabian Asllani.

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