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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Olta Gixhari, crazy about Ardit Gjebrea...

In fact, she loves Ardit for the humor nature that he has: "He's all humor, the man that I love so much!", wrote Olta on Instagram, on a photo with wide open mouth while loughing. But she was not left behind without a reply: "How can I not be in good spirit when one has you near by?", Ardit replied back quickly, on the spot. It seems "love" is mutual and how cannot it be, since a sexy woman like her, makes you feel more than just humor. Otherwise, Olta will soon appear in an interesting role in a feature-length film by Fatmir Koci, where she falls in love with another woman. A "bad news" for all men that love her!
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Olta Gixhari, e cmendur pas Ardit Gjebrese...

Ne te vertete, ajo e do shume Arditin per humorin qe ka: "Eshte gjithe humor ky njeri qe e dua kaq shume", ka shkruar Olta ne Instagram, ne nje foto me gojen hapur duke qeshur. Por, ajo nuk mbeti dhe pa pergjigje: "Po si te mos jete ne humor te mire njeriu kur te ka ty prane?", ia kthen Arditi me te shpejte, po aty. Duket se "dashuria" eshte e dyanshme dhe s'ka si te mos jete, pasi nje femer seksi si ajo, te ben te ndjesh me shume se vetem humor. Perndryshe, Olta se shpejti do paraqitet ne nje rol interesant ne nje film me metrazh te gjate te Fatmir Kocit, ku ajo dashurohet ne nje femer tjeter. Nje "lajm i keq" per gjithe meshkujt qe e adhurojne ate.

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