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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nora Istrefi, in her element

Nora Istrefi by Sharr Rezniqi
Seems like curly hair is back in fashion. After Elvana, Nora Istrefi too has decided to become one, a curly-hair girl. In fact, being curly more or less is her original look and as if the singer is back to her strong element. She looks provocative, sexy and confident in this photo, belly out, leather down and shirt open top and trendy glasses with color combination on top of a motorcycle. It was discussed that she will challenge herself in "Dancing" but as if this business has now been forgotten. While there is talk that she will participate in "Magic Song" this year with a song done by the duo, Aida Baraku & Armend Rexhepagiqi. There is no doubt, the singer is in her element, with the look and career.
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Nora Istrefi, ne elementin e saj
Duket sikur kacurrelja po kthehet ne mode. Pas Elvanes edhe Nora Istrefi ka vendosur te behet nje e tille, nje kacurrelese. Ne fakt, kacurrelja eshte nje look pak a shume origjinal i saj dhe sikur kengetarja eshte kthyer ne elementin e saj me te forte. Ajo duket shume provokative, seksi dhe e sigurte ne kete foto, me barkun jashte, lekure poshte e kemishe te hapur larte dhe syze trendy me ngjyre te kombinuar, hipur siper nje motociklete. U fol se do sfidoj veten ne "Dancing" por sikur kjo pune tani u harrua. Ndersa po flitet se do te marre pjese tek "Kenga Magjike" sivjet me nje kenge te realizuar nga dyshja, Aida Baraku & Armend Rexhepagiqi. S'ka dyshim, kengetarja eshte ne elementin e saj, si ne look ashtu edhe ne karriere.

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