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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Anxhelina, a sexy "lady in black"

Anxhelina Hadergjonaj, lekure mbi lekure
Beautiful singer Anxhelina Hadergjonaj, has decided to return to scene after two years break. She is in love "head to toe" with footballer Fatmir Hysenbelliu and according to photos that she posts time to time, its clear that she is enjoying this love to the maximum, perhaps one of the reasons why she was absent for so long. However, she now requires attention again and in her last posted picture, she is presented as a sexy "lady in black", with a provocative leather outfit that reveals her graces. Not long ago she announced that she is working on her new project with producer Arber Gjikolli known as Bing Bang Beats that soon will be presented to the public, hopefully with a music video.
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Anxhelina, nje seksi "lady in black"
Kengetarja e bukur Anxhelina Hadergjonaj, ka vendosur t'i kthehet skenes pas 2 vitesh pauze. Eshte e dashuruar kembe e krye me futbollistin Fatmir Hysenbelliu dhe sipas fotove qe ajo poston kohe pas kohe, shihet se po e shijon kete dashuri ne maksimum, mbase edhe njera nga arsyet qe ajo mungoi kaq gjate. Por, ajo tani serish kerkon vemendjen dhe ne kete foto te fundit te postuar eshte prezantuar si nje seksi "lady in black" me nje veshje lekure provokative qe zbulon hiret e saj. Pak kohe me pare ka paralajmeruar se eshte duke punuar ne projektin e saj me te ri me producentin Arber Gjikolli i njohur si Bing Bang Beats dhe se shpejti do prezantohet para publikut, shpresojme edhe me videoklip.

Anxhelina dhe Arber Gjikolli
Anxhelina ne studion "Bing Bang Beats" per te regjistruar kengen e re

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