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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Jonida Maliqi "explodes" on Instagram

Jonida Maliqi, debati ne Instagram
Singer Jonida Maliqi is very active on her social network Instagram and constantly refreshes her space with beautiful pictures where she appears as a fashion icon, as we all believe she is. But we were surprised of her  reaction, to a commentator, as you can see in the image. "I wish to know besides you spending hundreds of money for clothing and think every day how to dress and do a photo for Instagram, do you know anything else to do?" came a provocative comment from a girl named Rina, but the answer from Jonida was even more explosive: "Let the dogs bark, the caravan moves ahead ... in this case you Rina are the dog". As she is also a mother, we didn't expect such reaction and that probably wasn't worth it at all, but it looks like the singer lost her nerve for a moment.
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Jonida Maliqi "shperthen" ne Instagram
Kengetarja Jonida Maliqi eshte mjaft aktive ne rrjetin e saj social Instagram dhe ne menyre te vazhdueshme e freskon kendin e vet me foto te bukura, ku ajo shfaqet si nje ikone mode, sic besojme edhe eshte. Por na habiti nje reagim i saj, ndaj nje komentuese, sic po e shihni edhe ne foto. "Do deshiroja te dija pervec qe hargjon qindra te holla per veshje dhe mendon cdo dite si te vishesh dhe te besh nje foto per Instagram, a din ndonje gje tjeter te besh?", kishte ardhur nje koment provokues nga nje vajze me emrin Rina, por pergjigja e Jonides ishte edhe me shperthyese: "Qente le te lehin, se karvani ecen perpara... Ne kete rast ti moj Rina je qeni". Meqenese eshte edhe mama, nuk e pritem nje reagim te tille e qe mesiguri nuk ia vlente fare, por duket sikur kengetarja humbi nervat per nje moment.

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