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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nora Istrefi or Rihanna?

Nora Istrefi dhe Rihanna, te mbuluara ne Abu Dhabi
This time attractive singer, Nora Istrefi, has escaped from accusations for copying because she was the first one to post pictures covered in front of a religious monument in Abu Dhabi. "Thank God that you have posted photos before Rihanna, otherwise you would have been accused for copying" a fan wrote about the similar pictures of Rihanna and Nora Istrefi.
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Nora Istrefi apo Rihanna?

Kesaj radhe kengetarja atraktive, Nora Istrefi, i ka shpetuar akuzave per kopjim pasi ishte ajo e para qe kishte postuar fotot e mbuluar para nje monumenti fetar ne Abu Dhabi. "Shyqyr qe i ke postue fotot para Rihannes, se do te te akuzonin per kopjim", kishte shkruar nje fans nje lidhje me fotot e ngjajshme te Rihannes dhe Nora Istrefit.

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