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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Orinda Huta, enlarges her breasts?

Orinda me gjoks te zmadhuar?
Orinda Huta, who previously was known more as a singer with a sweet voice, but now a loving presenter with charm in Vision Plus, has enlarged breasts for two numbers, writes Panorama Plus. Although to fans she always looked perfect, she herself seems to have not been very happy, since this would be the second intervention in the body, after doing the nose. Her enlarged breasts flaring especially when showing in an open low-necked dress as image of digital platform "Tring" in a recent video advertising, that we invite you to follow below:
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Orinda Huta, zmadhon gjoksin?

Orinda Huta, qe me pare me shume njihej si kengetare me zerin e embel, por tash nje prezantuese e dashur dhe me sharm ne Vizion Plus, ka zmadhuar gjoksin per dy numra, shkruan Panorama Plus. Megjithese fansave i eshte dukur gjithmone perfekte, i bie qe ajo paska pasur disa komplekse, pasi ky do ishte intervenimi i dyte ne trup, pas berjes se hundes. Gjoksi i saj i zmadhuar bie ne sy sidomos ne paraqitjen e saj me nje dekolte te hapur si imazh i platformes digjitale "Tring" me nje video publicitare te fundit, qe ju ftojme ta ndiqni me poshte:

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