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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Our VIPs, "whores" of Dubai?

In a way or another, so did write an article in the Gazeta Express. According to the article, certain sources (unknown) say that our VIP ladies don't go so frequently to Dubai just for the beach and imago, but also to actually make profits by offering special services, such as escorts to sheikh customers, and even sex. Oopa! Even Blerim Destani goes there often, does it mean that he is "male whore" too. And so they thought they would go unnoticed by our strong journalists, he he! They're mistaken!
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Femrat tona VIP, "rrospia" te Dubait?
Ne nje fare menyre a tjeter, keshtu ka shkruar nje artikull ne Gazeten Express. Sipas artikullit, burime te caktuara (dhe te panjohura) thone se femrat tona VIP nuk shkojne ne Dubai vetem per plazh dhe imazh, por ne fakt edhe per te profituar duke ofruar sherbime speciale, si eskort per klientet sheik, madje dhe seks. Oopa! Edhe Blerim Destani shkon shpesh atje, mos vall na qenka edhe ai "rrospillan". Dhe keshtu ata kane menduar se do kalojne pa u verejtur nga gazetaret tane te forte, he he! Gabohen!

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