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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blendi Fevziu trendy, with no hair and no socks

Blendi Fevziu ne kopertinen "Elegance" Maj 2014

Here we have the mighty one of our television screen, the well known TV moderator Blendi Fevziu, who shows his taste in clothes for the cover of the magazine "Elegance" in its latest May issue. Moderator, among other, brings a unique story inside, in his Silver Jubilee of his career with a new set of photographs like this.
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Blendi Fevziu ndjek moden, pa floke dhe pa corape
Ja ku e kemi te fortin e ekranit televiziv, moderatorin e njohur Blendi Fevziu, i cili tregon shijen e tij te veshjes per kopertinen e revistes "Elegance", ne numrin e saj te fundit te muajit Maj. Moderatori, mes tjerash, sjell nje rrefim unik ne Jubileun e Argjendte te karrieres se tij me nje set te ri fotografish si kjo. /Albaflashnews/

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