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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Aferdita seeks media attention as Nora Istrefi!

Aferdita Dreshaj vs Nora Istrefi

Nora Istrefi's dress in Videofest 2014, made headlines in the media as being copied from Beyonce, although everyone knows that a similar dress is worn not only by her but also by many other world stars, who simply follow the trend. Apparently, this media attention given to Nora, was very much liked by model and singer Aferdita Dreshaj, who just posted a picture of her in a similar dress, with caption "So long ago ... but I guess still IN!", maybe just being ironic, and which we understood it slightly differently, as if she is seeking media attention as that given to Nora Istrefi. And behold, this is what we just did, Aferdita!
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Aferdita e do vemendjen mediatike si te Nora Istrefit!
Fustani i Nora Istrefit ne Videofest 2014, beri buje ne media si e kopjuar nga Beyonce, ndonese te gjithe e dine se nje fustan i ngjashem eshte veshur jo vetem nga ajo por edhe nga shume yje tjere boterore, qe ndjekin trendin. Mesa duket, kjo vemendje mediatike ndaj Nores, i pelqeu modeles dhe kengetares Aferdita Dreshaj, e cila sapo postoi nje foto te saj me fustan te ngjashem qe mban dicituren "Shume kohe me pare... por mesa duket ende IN!", ndoshta edhe duke ironizuar, por qe ne e lexuam pak me ndryshe, sikur ajo kerkon vemendje mediatike si ate te Nora Istrefit. Dhe ja, sapo e beme Aferdite!

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