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Monday, 2 June 2014

Elvana Gjata, shining in "Velvet" magazine

Elvana Gjata, ne kopertine e revistes "Velvet" Qershor 2014

In the style of a sexy Afro-American of 90s dressed in sweamwear, Albanian singer Elvana Gjata shines and comes very "hot" inside and on the cover of the italian magazine "Velvet" in the June issue (international english edition). A good opportunity to promote herself in the international market and for this, the singer has thanked the magazine on Twitter. Photos are shot by renowned fashion photographer Eugenio Qose, who was born in Albania but lives in Italy.
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photo: eugenio qose

Elvana Gjata, shkelqen ne revisten "Velvet"
Ne stilin e nje afro-amerikane seksi te viteve '90 e veshur ne rroba plazhi, kengetarja shqiptare Elvana Gjata shkelqen dhe vjen shume "nxehte" ne kopertine dhe brendesi te revistes italiane "Velvet" te muajit qershor, edicioni internacional ne gjuhen angleze. Nje mundesi e mire per te promovuar veten ne tregun nderkombetar dhe per kete, kengetarja dhe ka falenderuar revisten ne Twitter. Fotot jane realizuar nga fotografi i njohur i modes Eugenio Qose, i cili ka lindur ne Shqiperi por jeton ne Itali. /Albaflashnews/

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