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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rihanna copies Dafina? Don't laugh!

Rihanna vs Dafina
Rihanna has released some new pictures from her new video and as soon as we saw it, it reminded us the Albanian singer Dafina Zeqiri, who is often accused of copying Rihanna, but this time we were surprised by the fact that if was happening the opposite direction, since a striptease girl and similar images we've seen previously in Dafina's video or on her social network. Here are photos and see for yourself.
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Rihanna kopjon Dafinen? Mos qesh!
Rihanna ka publikuar disa foto te reja nga klipi i saj me i ri dhe sapo i pame, na shkoi mendja tek kengetarja jone shqiptare Dafina Zeqiri, e cila shpesh eshte akuzuar per kopjim te Rihanes, por kete radhe u befasuam me faktin se sikur po ndodhte e kunderta, pasi nje striptizere dhe imazhe te ngjashme i kemi pare me heret tek klipi i Dafines apo ne rrjetin e saj social. Ja shikoni fotot dhe binduni...

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