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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Noizy goes back to his old love

Noizy dhe vajza e tij Leandra
Noizy and his daughter Leandra
Noizy, who celebrated his 27th birthday a few days earlier, is back with his old love, writes "Paloma". It is about the love with whome he has a girl named Leandra. Secret sources speak of a reunion of Noizy with mother of his daughter, and it looks like the couple is experiencing their love for the second time, but now like adults and more mature. We rejoice to this news and wish that Noizy has renounced his dissolute life that he's had so far.
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Noizy i rikthehet dashurise se vjeter
Noizy, i cili para pak ditesh festoi 27 vjetorin, i eshte rikthyer dashurise se vjeter, shkruan "Paloma". Behet fjale per dashurine me te cilen ka edhe nje vajze me emrin Leandra. Burimet sekrete flasin per nje ribashkim te Noizyt me mamane e vajzes, dhe duket sikur cifti eshte duke perjetuar dashurine e tyre per se dyti, por tashme me te rritur dhe me te pjekur. I gezohemi ketij lajmi dhe urojme qe Noizy te kete hequr dore nga jeta e tij e shthurur qe ka bere deri tani.

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