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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Aurela Gace, plans to repeat the wedding

Aurela Gace, serish dasem pas 10 vjetes
Do not worry, it will not happen now but in 10 years time. "We, that never wanted to marry, it relished us I think and we're going to wear again this dress and Skerdi's suit and will do the wedding again after 10 years", was quoted Aurela saying in an article in "Paloma" . So after 10 years those rumours that bride Aurela is older then the groom, will not drink water, since the two would then grow old alike, and of course will be with many many more children behind. It seems now this trend has become a phenomenon, when brides are "remade" brides again. So did, a little while ago, Gjyste, then Mihrija etc..
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Aurela Gace, planet per te perseritur dasmen
Mos u shqetesoni, se kjo nuk do ndodh tani por pas 10 vjetesh. "Ne qe s'donim kurre te martoheshim, na lezetoi me duket dhe do t'i veshim prape kete fustan dhe kostumin e Skerdit dhe do bejme prape dasme pas 10 vjetesh", eshte cituar te kete thene Aurela ne nje shkrim nga "Paloma". Keshtu pas 10 vjetesh ato ca llafe se nusja Aurela eshte me e vjeter se dhendrri, nuk do pine me uje, se te dy do plaken atehere njesoj, natyrisht dhe me shume me shume kalamaj pas. Duket sikur tani eshte shnderruar ne trend ky fenomen, kur nuset "ribehen" prape nuse. Keshtu pak kohe me pare beri Gjystja, pastaj Mihrija etj.

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