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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Albana Azizi, new music video for her birthday

Albana Azizi, se shpejti me klip te ri
She has just celebrated her 21st birthday anniversary and there she seems to have calculated the perfect timing to "burn" the atmosphere with a song and new video titled "Burn it tonight". It is about the kosovar singer Albana Azizi aka Thaila, born and raised in Switzerland, who beside being active in the local arena she's seeking european market as well. The music project is realized by the studio Genton, while the video will be realized by Urban Graphics, writes the Telegraph.
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Albana Azizi, per ditelindje nje klip te ri
Ajo sapo ka festuar 21-vjetorin e ditelindjes keto dite dhe duket sikur ka llogaritur kohen perfekt per te "kallur" atmosferen me nje kenge dhe klip te ri me titull "Kalle sonte". Behet fjale per kengetaren kosovare Albana Azizi aka Thaila, e lindur dhe rritur ne Zvicer, e cila pervec se eshte aktive ne skenen vendore ajo synon poashtu edhe ate evropiane. Projekti muzikor eshte realizuar nga studio Genton, ndersa klipi do te realizohet nga Urban Graphics, shkruan Telegrafi.

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