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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Vildane Zeneli and Gezim Gashi, new hit is coming...

Vildane Zeneli & Gezim Gashi, incizojne kengen ne bashkepunim
This weekend, Vildane and Gezim have planned to complete recordings of their song entitled "Once Again", previously announced, in collaboration. Besides working as a model and actress, Vildane has announced long ago that she is building her music career. Fans are eager to see this beauty under image of a super sexy singer. She was written about alot in media recently during her stay in Kosovo where she appeared as image of fashion designer Blerina Kllokoqi Rugova. Gezim on the other hand is a young and talended singer that promises big, and we have no doubts, this collaboration will be welcomed by the fans.

Gezim Gashi & Vildane Zeneli recording of "Once Again"
Recording "Once Again" in Manhattan
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Vildane Zeneli dhe Gezim Gashi, nje hit po vjen
Kete vikend, Vildanja dhe Gezimi kane ne plan te kryejne incizimet e kenges se tyre me titull "Once again", te paralajmeruar me heret, ne bashkepunim. Krahas punes si modele dhe aktore, Vildanja ka kohe qe ka bere te ditur se eshte duke ndertuar edhe nje karriere te saj muzikore. Fansat presin me padurim ta shohin kete bukuroshe me imazhin e nje kengetareje super seksi. Ajo se fundmi u perfol shume ne media gjate qendrimit ne Kosove ku u shfaq si imazh i stilistes Blerina Kllokoqi Rugova. Gezimi ne anen tjeter eshte nje kengetar i ri dhe i talentuar qe premton shume dhe nuk kemi dyshime, ky bashkepunim do te mirepritet nga fansat.

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