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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Alberia's millions...

Alberia numeron bakshishin e majm te Pavaresise

We knew that our artists are paid a lot of money in concerts and get fat tips, but this has been best confirmed recently by singer Alberie Hadergjonaj, with a picture, now circulating in all portals and social networks, where she is seen counting millions after a concert in the U.S, for the occasion of sixth anniversary of Kosovo's Independence.
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Milionat e Alberies...
E kemi ditur se artistet e estrades paguhen shume neper koncerte dhe marrin bakshishe te majme, por kete me se miri e ka deshmuar se fundmi kengetarja Alberie Hadergjonaj, me nje foto, qe tashme po qarkullon neper portale e rrjete sociale, ku ajo shihet duke numeruar milionat pas nje koncerti ne SHBA me rastin e 6-vjetorit te Pavaresise se Kosoves.

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