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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Angela in bed, with Ledri's t-shirt?

Angela Martini ne krevat

Model Angela Martini has been photographed in bed, wearing a man's t-shirt. Naturally, since the hot images from recent music video are still fresh, fans have immediately commented that this could probably be Ledri's shirt. How right they are, of course, only Angela knows! Comment of the model herself on this photo posted on her wall, reads: "This is my favorit t-shirt!". Ledri's or not, at least we know that behind this camera, there is standing a very lucky man.
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Angela ne krevat, me majice te Ledrit?
Modelja Angela Martini eshte fotografuar ne krevat, e veshur me nje majice mashkulli. Natyrisht, derisa imazhet e videos se nxehte muzikore jane ende te fresketa, fansat menjehere e kane komentuar se kjo mund te jete mesiguri bluza e Ledrit. Sa e kane te drejte, natyrisht vetem Angela mund ta dij! Vete komenti i modeles ne kete foto te postuar ne murin e saj, lexon: "Kjo eshte bluza ime me e preferuar!". E Ledrit apo jo, te pakten dime se pas ketij foto aparati qendron nje mashkull shume fatlum. /Albaflashnews/

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