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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Arben Islami, albanian refugee who became a British Marine

Arben Islami, refugjat, murator dhe marins anglez

As a 14-year-old Arben Islami, when he had first seen the British Marines, with green berets, in Kosovo in 1999, had made himself a promise one day to become part of them. Immediately after the war, made his way to England and after 14 years, at age 28, his dream came true. So write the british newspapers which quote Arben as saying: "I wanted to join up and give something back to the country that helped me so much" For more on this, read articles in English at the following links below:
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Arben Islami, refugjati shqiptar qe u be marins britanez
Si 14 vjecar, Arben Islami kur kishte pare per here te pare marinsat britanez, me bereta te gjelberta, ne Kosove ne vitin 1999, i kishte bere vetes premtimin qe nje dite te behet pjese e tyre. Menjehere pas lufte, rrugetoi deri ne Angli dhe pas 14 vitesh, ne moshen 28 vjecare, endrra e tij u realizua. Keshtu shkruajne gazetat britaneze qe citojne Arbenin te kete thene: "Kisha deshire t'i bashkohem ketyre trupave dhe te jap dicka mbrapa per vendin qe na ndihmoi aq shume". Per me shume lexoni artikujt anglez ne linqet e meposhtme:

[mirror] http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/arben-islami-balkan-war-refugee-3159467
[dailymail] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2562318/Former-refugee-fled-Kosovo-witnessing-arrival-Royal-Marines-achieves-boyhood-dream-joining-them.html

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